Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Last week, in pictures

Max likes to hold my hand in the car lately. I don't mind! Well, until my arm goes dead from reaching to the back for so long.

They love to color at the library while I look for books.

Waiting for Dad to come home (reminded me of a puppy).

Kisses before punches.

Millie snuck her helmet off while riding her scooter and learned the hard way why we wear helmets. I'm glad it wasn't more serious than a scrape and bruise!

Max has had a hard time with Millie going to preschool lately. When I get my way, we get some errands done, but when he gets his way, we play outside!

Millie's training wheels are too low so she can just sit on it and peddle and it goes nowhere. She thinks it's hilarious.

Millie's 2 obsessions lately: Candy Land and The Sound of Music. I was so happy to pass down my love of Julie Andrews!!

Max hasn't been sleeping well at night lately and sometimes has a hard time napping too. Lovely! But he makes up for it by sleeping in my arms on occasion.

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