Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jeff & Kerri's wedding

This was over a month ago, but Millie and I got to go to Utah for Jeff's wedding! I was SO nervous to fly by myself with Millie. Luckily she did awesome, and I just repeated "You will never see these people again" over and over in my head anytime I started to worry. Once we got there, I loved being with my family. It was the first time all the siblings had been together in over 3 years! We were missing a few husbands though- can't wait for Christmas when everyone will be there. Anyway, the trip was great. Here are a bunch of pictures.

At the park for dinner... Millie did NOT like grass!

Reliving the old days- painting each other's nails

Waiting for the bride and groom

The three babies born in 2012 finally met!

Millie entertained with a few numbers from The Sound of Music while we waited

The happy couple!

Soothing babies at the luncheon. NOT planned.

Millie shares drinks with anyone who will let her

How many girls can fit in one elevator? 


All the sisters

Such a fun trip!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random pictures and things

-We found a house!! It will officially be ours at the end of October, and we are so excited. 

-Tyler is away on his first business trip. He'll be in Dallas until Friday. Millie and I miss him terribly, but count our blessings that he has a job! He got to see Randall and Crystal last night too (I'm majorly jealous).

-I think fall is coming to Houston soon. You wouldn't know by the temperature outside, but the water is too cold to swim comfortably! It's been a while since I've been down south for the winter, so I'm very excited.

-Millie does this funny thing when she eats- she brings one leg up and plops it on the highchair tray. Apparently Tyler did something similar when he was little. I love those little things about Millie that show me so clearly that she's ours!

And here are some pictures too:

I love a little girl in overalls!

Lovin' on her teddy bear

Things get messy when we try a new food

See? Leg on tray.

So fascinated by a puppet

Monday, September 24, 2012

Old friends and new friends

Tyler and Nathan have been friends for a LOT of years. Now that they're both grown up with wives and daughters, it only makes sense that their daughters would be friends, right? We thought so too.

Millie Mae and Delilah Jean. Doesn't that just sound like a radio show?
I am holding Millie's hands because she doesn't understand being gentle yet... poor Delilah!

They were practically babies when they met, and now they have babies of their own! Life is crazy like that.

Signs of a good nap

Crazy hair

Blanket lines on the face

A happy smile

This girl is such a good napper... and it shows!!