Thursday, July 20, 2017

10 on 10: July 2017

This was a fairly uneventful day. From these pictures it looks like we didn't do much, and that's pretty correct!

1. Harvey is on a mission to get to the DVD player. Our blanket basket now lives there to try and block him, and so far it works.

2. I told Max to go get dressed for the day and found him a few minutes later in the corner without any clothes on. I guess he did half of what he was supposed to do. ???

3. This girl is so motivated by rewards. She wanted to buy a snack (with tickets she gets for reading) so she plopped down and read 5 books real quick, like it was no big deal.

4. I'm a pretty good jungle gym I guess.

5. Millie steals my headbands all the time and apparently for her they're multi-purpose! Dr. Millie to the rescue!

6. Just a super cute boy smiling at his siblings.

7. Millie loves to watch Harvey take a bath and then smell him afterward. Can't blame her one bit.

8. We played around with Harvey's hair a bit and he totally looked like Jack-Jack from the Incredibles! 

9. I told him to give me thumbs-up and he stuck up his pointer fingers! By the time I'd gotten out my phone he had fixed it. Bummer.

10. Little tradition: Whenever we're outside when Tyler gets home, each kid gets to honk the car horn twice. I'm sure our neighbors love it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekend adventures

I took these ragamuffins to the store to pick up a prescription. They didn't have shoes because we thought it'd be a quick drive-thru but the line was crazy long. For the record, I did carry them inside, but they're hefty so I bagged it and let them walk out. They thought it was pretty cool. 

They also got to play in the sprinklers and then Dad showed them how to wrap towels around your waist. 

A beautiful Saturday morning at the temple (solo)!

And then a really fun tennis date. Thanks to Gigi for keeping the kids and letting us use the neighborhood courts! Tyler whooped me 6-1, 6-4. I'm thinking about secretly taking tennis lessons so I can dish it back to him next time.

That afternoon we headed to my parents' for dinner and swimming. The Webbs were in town for Sarah's mission homecoming talk the next day and Tim and Lauren came also. By the time we got to the pool it was starting to sprinkle a little, but we figured it'd pass so we got in anyway. Then the thunder started and the rain got harder, and then a lot harder. We decided we'd probably better go and as we were starting to get out, the heavens opened and thunder boomed SO loudly right above us. We sure hustled then! By the time we made it home all our towels were soaked, as were we. A few went in to find and then lay some dry towels down on the floor so we could come in and dry off. It was quite the adventure!

And of course by the time we were heading home the storm was over. We enjoyed a beautiful rainbow on the drive.

The next day was Sarah's homecoming talk. She did great! We enjoyed dinner and visiting with family that afternoon. We even got to see my cousin Whitney and her husband Derek. It's great to live close and be able to go to these fun family things!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Some Millie stuff

Millie has been quite the little bookworm lately. She earned 25 more tickets and decided it was okay to go on a date with Mom this time (Dad is usually the winner haha). We went to Wendy's for some frosties and then went to find her a new helmet, since she'd left hers out in the garage and I'd run over it with the van! It was fun having one-on-one time with my girl. Even if she did tell me on our date that she prefers dates with Dad!! Can't blame her there!

I was cleaning up some toys and noticed that Millie's beloved (or so I thought) princess are all missing limbs! This girl is like a teething puppy, chewing on everything. Pretty funny and also gross.

Uncle Garrett and Aunt McKenna gave us the game "Wet Head" for Christmas and we had fun playing it the other night for FHE. Millie got so excited any time she got wet, yelling "I won!" which is a little bit the opposite of what that means but we rolled with it. So funny.

She still loves the Instagram filters.

And her outfits are as crazy as ever. I'm going to need to do a wardrobe overhaul before school so nothing clashes and she can safely put any two things together haha.

Millie's been asking to have a friend over to make cookies for a long time (it may or may not have been on our summer bucket list LAST summer) and we finally did it last week. 

She piled those sprinkles on and ate every last one!

This was later that day in the yard. We'd gotten quite a bit of rain a couple days before and it had washed some dirt onto the sidewalk. Millie played with it for a while and then told me her hands looked like they had Oreo crumbs all over. Cookies on the brain??

We love our Millie girl.

Monday, July 17, 2017

4th of July {weekend}

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! It is best celebrated in Provo, in my opinion, but we do our best here. We had a fun weekend being with family.

I always like to do 4th of July t-shirts for the kids. Usually I just buy them but I still have this weird little thing for tie dye so we did that (and I did a workout tank for me too). They turned out pretty cute!

The most exciting event of the weekend was that Sarah came home from her mission! We were so happy to see her. I went up early Sunday morning to hear her report to the high council and then we all joined them for dinner later. So fun to have her back from Reno.

Have to include both pics because Harvey's face is just too cute.

On Monday we headed for San Antonio to be with the Webbs! It took us almost a year to get to their house and then we went back not even a month later haha. We met them for lunch at Alamo Cafe, of course.

"We're unicorns!" Also, some cute coincidental matching.

Max was a little obsessed with and a lot afraid of Leighton's snake, Oro. He wanted to see it all the time but never wanted to touch. This is as close as he'd get. Max still says "Laden" instead of Leighton and it still cracks us up.

Mom, Dad, Tim, Lauren, and Sarah joined us that evening. We had fun playing games sans kids into the night.

We used to always do the Freedom Run on this holiday so we decided we'd better at least run a mile! So we went to a school nearby and ran around the track there.

Uncle Andrew promised the kids a prize of some kind which motivated Millie quite a bit. She wasn't at her physical best because she hadn't eaten much the day before (almost nothing after breakfast, her own choice) and had scarfed down a couple pieces of toast before the run. More on that later, but she ran like a rockstar. We were impressed.

Steph led us in a little PiYo on the field.

After that we went home for breakfast. Millie was sitting on Tyler's lap and threw up all over him! Poor thing ran her guts out. We made her take it easy for a while but she felt much better after that. Everyone walked down the street to the neighborhood pool for a while. Tyler taught everyone the toothpick game and almost lost his leg in the process (just kidding but he was injured)! 

We went back to dry off and play games and eat yummy ribs and corn on the cob and watermelon and apple pie with Blue Bell ice cream. Good American stuff. 

Between Millie's throwing up on Tyler, a blowout for Harvey, and a potty accident for Max, we had quite the day of wardrobe changes! We were a little rough looking but it's a funny memory.

We headed home to Houston in time to see tons of firework shows from the freeway. It was seriously awesome. Millie and Max are scared of fireworks so it was their ideal way to see them (from miles away and from the safety of the van). 

Love these people and this country! God bless America!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Harvey's first haircut

Harvey had his first haircut on July 1. I remember resisting cutting Max's hair until after he had turned 1 and by then he had a major mullet. Decided to "put my big girl panties on" as my mom always says and do it before it gets that long. I didn't want to because babies always look so old after a haircut, but since it wasn't super bad yet I didn't have to take a lot off, so it didn't make a huge difference. Win win.

He was happy until I turned on the clippers!

Then it was a game of holding his head still (by holding the pinky in) and cutting hair with the other hand. I used scissors for the top which wasn't as traumatic for him. I'm thinking it was the noise that bothered him. Poor guy!

Even my sub par haircutting skills can't mess Harvey up. He's just super handsome! 

Little things

Dressing yourself comes with risks! He insisted that's how he wanted it and wouldn't put his other arm in for several hours.

We had a few nights recently where Harvey couldn't fall asleep unless it was in our bed (read: I didn't have the energy/patience to get him to sleep in his bed). I really enjoyed the snuggles. This is a blurry picture but I mean, look at that face!

We had Monka and Tim and Lauren over for dinner one Sunday. I didn't think to take a picture until after Monka had left. It's so fun to have Tim and Lauren home for the summer!

Max carried this puzzle around for several days.

Harvey's mobility becomes a problem sometimes, like when I'm trying to work out and he's crawling through my legs while I'm doing burpees. I really should start getting up early to work out.

Millie and Max are in a bit of a swimming funk lately and we haven't been going nearly as much as in summers past. It's a bit of a bummer for me but it's also not worth it for me to force them to swim. Hoping they snap out of that soon.

We've had some good Houston storms, which are extra welcome since we still haven't fixed the sprinklers and water the lawn each evening.

Both my boys woke up early and were feeling snuggly. I'll take it, even at the early hour.

I just never know where I'm going to find Harvey when he wanders off! 

We opened the garage to an awful scene one day. I'd taken the garbage can out of the garage the night before because it was stinky and I guess it attracted this rat! I'm also guessing Tyler ran over it with his car leaving for work. I was not thrilled to have to get rid of that, but it's definitely better to have to deal with a dead one than a live one!

I participated in Stephanie's "Nourished Summer" challenge for her business Eat Happy Nutrition and one of the challenges was to get out in the sun in the morning. We're trying to do that more and are really enjoying it.

We went to Gigi's one day and Millie sat in this chair reading for a good half hour by herself. Love that little bookworm.

I gave Harvey some of my smoothie one morning and he totally looked like he was wearing lipstick!

Millie and I did a fun little project together. We'd actually purchased this map a looong time ago but had never done anything with it. It was fun to color with her for a few hours and talk. We're planning to put it on the table under some clear plastic so we can see it and learn our states!

Cute Harvey. Above, he fell asleep on a walk and a flower landed in his ear! Poor guy. Below, just super proud of himself for standing up.