Monday, July 17, 2017

4th of July {weekend}

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! It is best celebrated in Provo, in my opinion, but we do our best here. We had a fun weekend being with family.

I always like to do 4th of July t-shirts for the kids. Usually I just buy them but I still have this weird little thing for tie dye so we did that (and I did a workout tank for me too). They turned out pretty cute!

The most exciting event of the weekend was that Sarah came home from her mission! We were so happy to see her. I went up early Sunday morning to hear her report to the high council and then we all joined them for dinner later. So fun to have her back from Reno.

Have to include both pics because Harvey's face is just too cute.

On Monday we headed for San Antonio to be with the Webbs! It took us almost a year to get to their house and then we went back not even a month later haha. We met them for lunch at Alamo Cafe, of course.

"We're unicorns!" Also, some cute coincidental matching.

Max was a little obsessed with and a lot afraid of Leighton's snake, Oro. He wanted to see it all the time but never wanted to touch. This is as close as he'd get. Max still says "Laden" instead of Leighton and it still cracks us up.

Mom, Dad, Tim, Lauren, and Sarah joined us that evening. We had fun playing games sans kids into the night.

We used to always do the Freedom Run on this holiday so we decided we'd better at least run a mile! So we went to a school nearby and ran around the track there.

Uncle Andrew promised the kids a prize of some kind which motivated Millie quite a bit. She wasn't at her physical best because she hadn't eaten much the day before (almost nothing after breakfast, her own choice) and had scarfed down a couple pieces of toast before the run. More on that later, but she ran like a rockstar. We were impressed.

Steph led us in a little PiYo on the field.

After that we went home for breakfast. Millie was sitting on Tyler's lap and threw up all over him! Poor thing ran her guts out. We made her take it easy for a while but she felt much better after that. Everyone walked down the street to the neighborhood pool for a while. Tyler taught everyone the toothpick game and almost lost his leg in the process (just kidding but he was injured)! 

We went back to dry off and play games and eat yummy ribs and corn on the cob and watermelon and apple pie with Blue Bell ice cream. Good American stuff. 

Between Millie's throwing up on Tyler, a blowout for Harvey, and a potty accident for Max, we had quite the day of wardrobe changes! We were a little rough looking but it's a funny memory.

We headed home to Houston in time to see tons of firework shows from the freeway. It was seriously awesome. Millie and Max are scared of fireworks so it was their ideal way to see them (from miles away and from the safety of the van). 

Love these people and this country! God bless America!

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