Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Weekend adventures

I took these ragamuffins to the store to pick up a prescription. They didn't have shoes because we thought it'd be a quick drive-thru but the line was crazy long. For the record, I did carry them inside, but they're hefty so I bagged it and let them walk out. They thought it was pretty cool. 

They also got to play in the sprinklers and then Dad showed them how to wrap towels around your waist. 

A beautiful Saturday morning at the temple (solo)!

And then a really fun tennis date. Thanks to Gigi for keeping the kids and letting us use the neighborhood courts! Tyler whooped me 6-1, 6-4. I'm thinking about secretly taking tennis lessons so I can dish it back to him next time.

That afternoon we headed to my parents' for dinner and swimming. The Webbs were in town for Sarah's mission homecoming talk the next day and Tim and Lauren came also. By the time we got to the pool it was starting to sprinkle a little, but we figured it'd pass so we got in anyway. Then the thunder started and the rain got harder, and then a lot harder. We decided we'd probably better go and as we were starting to get out, the heavens opened and thunder boomed SO loudly right above us. We sure hustled then! By the time we made it home all our towels were soaked, as were we. A few went in to find and then lay some dry towels down on the floor so we could come in and dry off. It was quite the adventure!

And of course by the time we were heading home the storm was over. We enjoyed a beautiful rainbow on the drive.

The next day was Sarah's homecoming talk. She did great! We enjoyed dinner and visiting with family that afternoon. We even got to see my cousin Whitney and her husband Derek. It's great to live close and be able to go to these fun family things!

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