Saturday, July 15, 2017

Harvey's first haircut

Harvey had his first haircut on July 1. I remember resisting cutting Max's hair until after he had turned 1 and by then he had a major mullet. Decided to "put my big girl panties on" as my mom always says and do it before it gets that long. I didn't want to because babies always look so old after a haircut, but since it wasn't super bad yet I didn't have to take a lot off, so it didn't make a huge difference. Win win.

He was happy until I turned on the clippers!

Then it was a game of holding his head still (by holding the pinky in) and cutting hair with the other hand. I used scissors for the top which wasn't as traumatic for him. I'm thinking it was the noise that bothered him. Poor guy!

Even my sub par haircutting skills can't mess Harvey up. He's just super handsome! 

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