Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Some Millie stuff

Millie has been quite the little bookworm lately. She earned 25 more tickets and decided it was okay to go on a date with Mom this time (Dad is usually the winner haha). We went to Wendy's for some frosties and then went to find her a new helmet, since she'd left hers out in the garage and I'd run over it with the van! It was fun having one-on-one time with my girl. Even if she did tell me on our date that she prefers dates with Dad!! Can't blame her there!

I was cleaning up some toys and noticed that Millie's beloved (or so I thought) princess are all missing limbs! This girl is like a teething puppy, chewing on everything. Pretty funny and also gross.

Uncle Garrett and Aunt McKenna gave us the game "Wet Head" for Christmas and we had fun playing it the other night for FHE. Millie got so excited any time she got wet, yelling "I won!" which is a little bit the opposite of what that means but we rolled with it. So funny.

She still loves the Instagram filters.

And her outfits are as crazy as ever. I'm going to need to do a wardrobe overhaul before school so nothing clashes and she can safely put any two things together haha.

Millie's been asking to have a friend over to make cookies for a long time (it may or may not have been on our summer bucket list LAST summer) and we finally did it last week. 

She piled those sprinkles on and ate every last one!

This was later that day in the yard. We'd gotten quite a bit of rain a couple days before and it had washed some dirt onto the sidewalk. Millie played with it for a while and then told me her hands looked like they had Oreo crumbs all over. Cookies on the brain??

We love our Millie girl.

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