Thursday, July 13, 2017

Traveling home

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and sad to have the dude ranch end! We packed everything up Sunday morning and left around 11. It's become a tradition to go to The Alamo Cafe in San Antonio on our way to or home from the dude ranch, and this time we did it on our way back for a quick lunch. We went with Heidi and James and Wes and enjoyed their amazing queso and tortillas (and other stuff too - but that's what they're known for). The babies were loud and we were a bit of a circus! But a fun one!

We were so excited to see the Webbs on our way home too! They weren't quite out of church yet when we were getting close so we decided to look up how far we were from the San Antonio Temple. Turns out it wasn't far at all! We're determined to come back on a day other than Sunday when it's actually open. But it was fun to see, it's such a beautiful temple.

Then we headed to see the Webbs! They were so nice to have us on Father's Day and feed us dinner. It was super fun to visit with them. The kids loved playing with more cousins too.

Eventually we had to stop prolonging the inevitable and actually go home! It was a pretty drive but Harvey isn't super fond of his car seat. I sat in the back with him and tried to comfort him but mostly he was sad.

We had a beautiful sunset welcoming us home!

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