Friday, September 27, 2013

Girls week

When Tyler goes away on business, every day turns into a girls day, and every night is a girls night in! He was in Tulsa this week (he's on his way home right now! I feel like it's Christmas Eve). Here's what we did this time:

Monday my neighbor Sharon and I took our kids shopping to get some craft supplies and then to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. We never got to the actual crafting, but we will next week. We had a great morning with them! Millie especially loved riding in the race car shopping cart with her buddy. 

Tuesday the weather was especially nice, and I was having an unusual burst of energy. So we went outside and Millie got to read books while I pulled weeds. At one point Millie got up and walked down the sidewalk. I asked her where she was going, and she smiled and said "Park!" She's one independent girl. We also made paper boats, which didn't really work because Millie put hers right under the tap as I was filling the tub. Oh well. We went on a trash drive in the evening and I gave Millie a blue sucker to keep her happy, which of course ended up all over her face!

Wednesday we went with Gigi to the Heights to see Grammy and Uncle Rob. After playing with Rob's dogs (Millie loved watching them play fetch) we went to a fun park and then to lunch.

Thursday I was quickly running out of fun things to do with Millie, as well as the energy to do them. We made it to the grocery store and that's about it! It was a pretty chill day. Daddy received some blurry and cheesy pictures, as well as one showing how it really is sometimes (teary).

Today we took a walk to the park, which was short-lived because Millie did quite a number in her diaper about two minutes after we got there. We ventured out to Hobby Lobby to get some supplies to finish the banner below. On the way home, while passing KFC, Millie looked at Colonel Sanders and said, "Botz?" (Tyler's grandfather) I was dying laughing! She is very observant and has a great memory. I finished the banner and hung it in an empty frame I found on a trash drive a few weeks ago. It fills the empty space in our kitchen perfectly, and I love that I'll be able to change it with the seasons/holidays.

We had a good week but are so glad Daddy is coming home! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

House tour: Millie's room

So, we've lived in our house for {almost} a whole year! It's been a fast year, and we've learned a lot. We're still a bit intimidated by home ownership, but we're getting the hang of it I think! I always want to remember this house- the first place we could really call our own. Even though I'm no interior designer and our home is far from "Pinterest perfect," it's ours and it's worth recording! Another disclaimer: these are unedited phone pictures. I'm no photographer. So here we go.

This is Millie's room! This room was a big selling point on the house. Though the pictures don't show it very well, the walls are a beautiful pale pink with one argyle accent wall.

Wall art inspired by THIS tutorial
A crib side, which I found on the side of the road, displays Millie's blankets
I love this argyle wall, and the boppy, which holds the door open
Eventually, I'll put an L shelf above this dresser
And that's Millie's room! Eventually I'll get to the rest of the house, but let's be honest- having one room picture-ready is an accomplishment for me in and of itself! So it will be slow and steady.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Two is better than one

That's what they say, right?

Well, we're about to find out if it's true.

Baby #2 is coming March 31, 2014! {ish}

This pregnancy has felt very different so far from being pregnant with Millie. I have been so much sicker! At first I wasn't sure if I just had a bad memory or if it really was worse. With Millie, I was only nauseous at night. I could just go to bed early and relax my evenings away and deal with it. But this time around, I have three types of nausea: NBE (nausea before eating, or because I need to eat), NAE (nausea after eating- no matter how much or little), and NJB (nausea just because). Those are very medical terms, by the way. I have not thrown up yet, but much of my energy is spent avoiding it. I dry heave quite a bit. TMI? I also feel about 6 weeks ahead as far as my size. I am 12 weeks today, and I already look like I'm overdoing it on the desserts, like I did around 16-18 weeks last time. But I expected that! And semi-welcome it.

But really, who am I to complain?? I've never been so happy to be so sick. And I know for a fact there are others who have it worse. I'm just so happy to have a (so far) healthy baby and that I am healthy and that we are able to bring another child to our family. I have an inkling that it's a boy, in part because this pregnancy feels so different. Also, when we were at our first ultrasound, I saw that little baby and it looked like a boy to me! So we'll see. I know Millie would love a sister because she really loves dressing her baby and putting bows on her! But she'll be a great big sister either way. Millie's been a trooper while I've been so wiped out the last few (many!) weeks. I think we will all be very happy when I have some energy again!

So that is our big news. We're on our way to being a family of four. Crazy!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

All in a {weekend's} work

With Tyler working long hours and Sundays being pretty busy too, we are really cherishing our weekends!

Friday evening Tyler mowed the lawn while Millie and I watched. Millie wanted to bring Daddy some water (honestly her idea- it was adorable) and was so sweet taking it to him each time he stopped for a break. I love those two.

We also had a family movie night and watched Tangled. Millie loved it, and Tyler and I have had the music stuck in our heads for days! You know you're a parent when you sing Disney songs non-stop.

Saturday, Tyler had things to do at the church and I needed to run to the store. Both things ended up taking most of the morning, as I forgot my wallet and one trip turned into two trips. Bah. But once we were all together again we went to Gigi and Poppy's for a nap, catching up on Suits, and a swim. Millie is going to be really sad when it's too cold to swim anymore! 

Her new favorite thing is to jump from the board into a float.
 Saturday night I was heating up the oven and remembered that sitting in there was my fruit leather. I may or may not have started it two days before! But it turned out great, despite my neglect. That was my first successful attempt at making fruit leather and I will definitely do it again. It's delicious! I used the recipe on Our Best Bites, found here. We tried strawberries and peaches, but now, being happy with results, I'm going to try lots of other combinations!

We had family over for dinner and visiting Sunday to celebrate Gigi's birthday! We love Gigi and are so glad to celebrate her. After eating we got to have video chats with both of our families. Technology is great when it can connect us like that! Weekends are the best.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Good stuff

Mostly this is just some stuff about Millie. And a couple other things thrown in there.

- Gigi and Poppy brought Millie the CUTEST little picnic table! When it cools down a little bit we'll move it to the back porch, but for now it lives in the front room. Millie sets her play dishes out and loves to color on it!

- Millie is especially in love with her baby lately. She loves to put headbands on the baby's head, and then ask for a bow in her hair. I think I need to find them some matching outfits!

- The photo below was taken about 10 minutes after her bath one night. Sometimes, she just refuses to put on pajamas because she loves being wrapped in a towel! 

- Despite the crazy heat, Millie loves to be outside. She blows bubbles, draws with chalk, throws the ball, and "rides" her bike.

- We're learning about size lately. Millie loves things that are big. Sometimes one bite is all it takes to make a cracker not big enough!

- Another obsession of Millie's is having her nails painted. She LOVES it, and that's when she is the most obedient/still. Yesterday I left my bathroom door open while showering. She came in and played with my nail polish bottles for a little bit (not uncommon). She loves to line them up and say what color they are (usually going back and forth between yellow and green)! But when I came out of the shower, I discovered that she had snuck a bottle of polish out to the living room with her. She did a surprisingly good job painting her own nails!! And, miracle of miracles, there was no polish on the couch or rug. Only a little bit on her shirt. Not bad!

- I found one little leaf changing the other day. It's still SO HOT, but I'm itching for it to be fall. This leaf is too, apparently.

- Back in the spring, a few little sparrows tried to make a nest on that tiny ledge above the entry window. The nest was hardly successful, but we still ended up with bird poop all over the porch! Not to mention all over the first wreath I ever made by myself. I was mad. After fuming over it (and frankly, forgetting about it) for a few months, I finally cleaned it up this morning. Pretty soon I'll put up a cute fall wreath and get a new welcome mat, and then we'll be all set!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

While Daddy was away

Tyler had a little business trip last week. I only call it little because he didn't go too far (Dallas), but it was still a long week without him! Here's how we made it through:

Target run, during which Millie refused to take off her sunglasses
Taking long baths
Visiting Grammy in the Woodlands

And checking out the cool fish pond below her place
Eating "awpaws"

Going to Chick-fil-A with friends
Looking at pictures of Daddy. She was very jealous that we got cake in these wedding pictures.
 Thankfully, Tyler came home Friday afternoon. We had a ward pool party on Friday night and it was great fun! Millie was so glad to have Daddy home, as was I.