Monday, September 16, 2013

Two is better than one

That's what they say, right?

Well, we're about to find out if it's true.

Baby #2 is coming March 31, 2014! {ish}

This pregnancy has felt very different so far from being pregnant with Millie. I have been so much sicker! At first I wasn't sure if I just had a bad memory or if it really was worse. With Millie, I was only nauseous at night. I could just go to bed early and relax my evenings away and deal with it. But this time around, I have three types of nausea: NBE (nausea before eating, or because I need to eat), NAE (nausea after eating- no matter how much or little), and NJB (nausea just because). Those are very medical terms, by the way. I have not thrown up yet, but much of my energy is spent avoiding it. I dry heave quite a bit. TMI? I also feel about 6 weeks ahead as far as my size. I am 12 weeks today, and I already look like I'm overdoing it on the desserts, like I did around 16-18 weeks last time. But I expected that! And semi-welcome it.

But really, who am I to complain?? I've never been so happy to be so sick. And I know for a fact there are others who have it worse. I'm just so happy to have a (so far) healthy baby and that I am healthy and that we are able to bring another child to our family. I have an inkling that it's a boy, in part because this pregnancy feels so different. Also, when we were at our first ultrasound, I saw that little baby and it looked like a boy to me! So we'll see. I know Millie would love a sister because she really loves dressing her baby and putting bows on her! But she'll be a great big sister either way. Millie's been a trooper while I've been so wiped out the last few (many!) weeks. I think we will all be very happy when I have some energy again!

So that is our big news. We're on our way to being a family of four. Crazy!!


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Whitney Nolden said...

yay! congrats-hang in there!

tyler + annie said...

ahhh! yay! congrats congrats! =D

Sami and Ben Van Noy said...

Congrats! The transition into the second baby is waaaaay easier than the first- you know what to expect more :)

Heather said...

Congratulations! When we had our second child someone said- "Congratulations! You just went from being a couple with a kid to a full blown family!" I thought that fit just about right! Hope everything turns out perfect!