Tuesday, September 3, 2013

While Daddy was away

Tyler had a little business trip last week. I only call it little because he didn't go too far (Dallas), but it was still a long week without him! Here's how we made it through:

Target run, during which Millie refused to take off her sunglasses
Taking long baths
Visiting Grammy in the Woodlands

And checking out the cool fish pond below her place
Eating "awpaws"

Going to Chick-fil-A with friends
Looking at pictures of Daddy. She was very jealous that we got cake in these wedding pictures.
 Thankfully, Tyler came home Friday afternoon. We had a ward pool party on Friday night and it was great fun! Millie was so glad to have Daddy home, as was I.


Lindsay said...

Oh weeks are so long when daddy's are gone!! Glad you made it through! I am so jealous of Millie's cute hair!

Tiffany said...

a week is a long time!! she is so cute and spunky, i love it!!