Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Millie lately

There's just some stuff that shouldn't be forgotten, you know?

-Millie is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. As in, it's the first thing she asks for in the morning, when we pull in the driveway, and before she goes to bed at night. I try not to give in and let her watch movies too often, but I love the way her little face lights up when Belle comes on the screen! She smiles and laughs and looks like she's seeing an old friend. It's adorable. She calls the movie "beast" and it's by far her current favorite. Other movie likes are "'dette" (Swan Princess- Odette), "buddo" (Dumbo), and dog-dog (Lady and the Tramp). She also likes The Lion King but doesn't call it anything. She just roars.

-I feel a bit like a "no" machine lately, because Millie is constantly asking for things. I'm trying to enforce only eating at meal and snack times (so maybe she'll start eating like a normal person!) but she is always asking for cookies and candy and cake and otter pops and cupcakes and donuts and any other sweet she can think of. No doubt here- she is my daughter. She also asks for movies (eevies) and her binky (beebies). I think our drive to Utah really skewed her idea of what life is like!

-Millie is becoming quite the little songbird. She will sing on command when she's in the right mood, which I love. We were having FHE with a family in our ward on Monday and Millie was asked what she wanted to sing as the closing song. Instead of picking something (not that she would have anyway), she just started singing for us! It was pretty funny. She also sings the clean up song (she just says kia, kia [for clean up, clean up] over and over. And over), and when I sing the "I love you you you" song, she sings all the words that are repeated 3 times. She gets really excited when I sing the ABCs- she waves her arms and claps afterwards and always wants me to sing it again. I'm also told singing time is her favorite portion of nursery.

-We're still working on her eating habits. Translation: we're not getting anywhere. But I'm trying not to stress about it- she'll still eat baby food, and she's getting all fruits and veggies that way. She still loves toast, chicken nuggets, a few fruits, as well as crackers and treats, of course. So why do I worry? She'll figure it out soon, as all picky eaters do. Right? Please tell me she will!

-Another of Millie's new favorite activities is to pour. She has little gelato cups that we brought home for her once (they were so cute and pink!) and she brings them into the bathtub with her. She sits there for as long as I let her and just pours water from one to the other, concentrating so hard. Today at Grammy's house she was pouring 4 apple slices from one container to another, and even putting them in one by one as she counted to four (one, two, tee, fuour!) and being so excited every time.

-She loves the color yellow, or at least saying it. She thinks everything is yellow. 

-We ate at Berry Hill with Grammy and Gigi today, and they have free soft-serve ice cream. Win! I brought Millie a cone and then went back to get one of my own. My cone had a point on the top from stopping the ice cream and pulling it away- Millie pointed at it and said, "Church!" She cracked us up. She thinks every steeple belongs to a church or a temple, and she gets really excited when she sees either.

Anyway, those are just some funny things about Millie. She is at such a fun age and I don't want to forget how great it is.


Sami and Ben Van Noy said...

That totally sounds like James's diet. Minus the baby food. James will only eat like 8 things. Nutella toast, yogurt, apples, grapes, chicken nuggets, pizza, carrots, and of course crackers. Not a horrible diet, but not much variety. Sure makes dinner fun... not. Feel ya!

The Freeman Family said...

Cam...we are in the same boat with Mason. He's going through a yoghurt stage right now...that's pretty much all he will eat. oh well :).

Kimberly said...

So glad you're recording all these adorable things!!