Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Millie lately

There's just some stuff that shouldn't be forgotten, you know?

-Millie is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. As in, it's the first thing she asks for in the morning, when we pull in the driveway, and before she goes to bed at night. I try not to give in and let her watch movies too often, but I love the way her little face lights up when Belle comes on the screen! She smiles and laughs and looks like she's seeing an old friend. It's adorable. She calls the movie "beast" and it's by far her current favorite. Other movie likes are "'dette" (Swan Princess- Odette), "buddo" (Dumbo), and dog-dog (Lady and the Tramp). She also likes The Lion King but doesn't call it anything. She just roars.

-I feel a bit like a "no" machine lately, because Millie is constantly asking for things. I'm trying to enforce only eating at meal and snack times (so maybe she'll start eating like a normal person!) but she is always asking for cookies and candy and cake and otter pops and cupcakes and donuts and any other sweet she can think of. No doubt here- she is my daughter. She also asks for movies (eevies) and her binky (beebies). I think our drive to Utah really skewed her idea of what life is like!

-Millie is becoming quite the little songbird. She will sing on command when she's in the right mood, which I love. We were having FHE with a family in our ward on Monday and Millie was asked what she wanted to sing as the closing song. Instead of picking something (not that she would have anyway), she just started singing for us! It was pretty funny. She also sings the clean up song (she just says kia, kia [for clean up, clean up] over and over. And over), and when I sing the "I love you you you" song, she sings all the words that are repeated 3 times. She gets really excited when I sing the ABCs- she waves her arms and claps afterwards and always wants me to sing it again. I'm also told singing time is her favorite portion of nursery.

-We're still working on her eating habits. Translation: we're not getting anywhere. But I'm trying not to stress about it- she'll still eat baby food, and she's getting all fruits and veggies that way. She still loves toast, chicken nuggets, a few fruits, as well as crackers and treats, of course. So why do I worry? She'll figure it out soon, as all picky eaters do. Right? Please tell me she will!

-Another of Millie's new favorite activities is to pour. She has little gelato cups that we brought home for her once (they were so cute and pink!) and she brings them into the bathtub with her. She sits there for as long as I let her and just pours water from one to the other, concentrating so hard. Today at Grammy's house she was pouring 4 apple slices from one container to another, and even putting them in one by one as she counted to four (one, two, tee, fuour!) and being so excited every time.

-She loves the color yellow, or at least saying it. She thinks everything is yellow. 

-We ate at Berry Hill with Grammy and Gigi today, and they have free soft-serve ice cream. Win! I brought Millie a cone and then went back to get one of my own. My cone had a point on the top from stopping the ice cream and pulling it away- Millie pointed at it and said, "Church!" She cracked us up. She thinks every steeple belongs to a church or a temple, and she gets really excited when she sees either.

Anyway, those are just some funny things about Millie. She is at such a fun age and I don't want to forget how great it is.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Sunday walk

I loved being in Utah last week, but it is SO good to be home!! We are working on getting Millie back on a schedule (and back off the binky) and it's definitely taking some work. She has been a bit of a stinker the last few days, but she has every right to be after the long drive!

We enjoyed Garrett and Mitchell's homecoming talks on Sunday and then a nice dinner with family. Poppy, James, and Tyler walked Millie over to the park to feed the ducks. I tagged along to take pictures.

It's great to live near family!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Laura's wedding/Utah trip

Millie and I got to have a little trip to Utah last week! Laura and Tom's wedding was on August 14th so we drove up with my parents and Sarah and stayed there for 5 days.

Millie was a champ on the drive up. I was really nervous, since the last time I've taken a drive longer than 3 hours with her was when she was 4 months old! But she did wonderfully. As long as she had her "beebies," (binky) she was happy. This threw off our normal routine of only having the binky for nap and bedtime, but we were in survival mode.

I bought her a mini Magnadoodle for the drive and she loved it
The backseat crew
 We slept in Wichita Falls the first night, and made it to Grandpa's house in Spring City the next night. We were all exhausted! But Millie was up bright and early, anxious to play with Grandpa's awesome toys.

Meeting Belle, which was very confusing for this "Beauty and the Beast" fan
Grandpa is so cute with his dog
 We went to Sacrament Meeting at a ward in Spring City and then went up to the Orem/Provo area for a bit. We visited Grandma and had waffles with the Andelins before heading up to Uncle Boyd's house in Draper.

We wanted to spend every minute outside in the beautiful Utah weather and soft grass!!

Then the Westons arrived. Let the party begin!

The kids looooved Uncle Boyd's backyard

"Sharing" an otter pop

That night Jeff, Kerri, Jane, Laura, and Tom also joined us. Poor Kerri was initiated with the quarter "game."

After a yummy breakfast and hectic morning getting everyone packed up and out of Uncle Boyd's house, we went down to Orem again. The men watched the babies while we girls went to Brick Oven for Laura's bridal shower. I'd forgotten to put Brick Oven on my mental list of places to eat while in Utah, but I was SO glad we went. Yum.

After reuniting with the men and kids we went to the mall to find last-minute wedding stuff.

They were clearly ecstatic to be shopping with so many girls.
That afternoon we checked into the house Mom and Dad rented in Draper! It was so great to have a place where we could all be together and not be bombarding anyone else. The Webbs arrived and the party grew.

Millie's first trampoline experience... her smile says it all

Late that night (Monday) the Bakers finally arrived, and our family was complete! Except for Tyler and Tim of course. We missed them terribly.

Tuesday morning the girls went to get pedicures! We grabbed the boys and kids and went to Zupas for lunch (check!) which was delicious, obviously. Some families did some more shopping that afternoon while the rest of us lounged and played. That evening we went to Lake Point for Laura and Tom's wedding dinner! It was a fun evening, except for Millie having diarrhea and pooping on my skirt and her dress.

Wednesday: Wedding day!! Laura was smart and didn't have an early-morning sealing. We had a semi-relaxing morning. I helped Laura with her hair and lent her my makeup and she wore my wedding dress, so we had a fun beauty morning together! 

Mom entertained the grandkids with a bubble gun while we got ready

Look at her bridal beauty!!
 We (Webbs, Westons, Andersens, and Millie and I) stopped at Cafe Rio for lunch (another check!) on the way to the Salt Lake Temple. The sealing was beautiful, and beautifully brief- we left a total 15 kids with poor Sarah and Lauren!

The happy couple!

The nieces and Ty insisted on carrying her train

We told the kids that if they behaved we would get ice cream after the pictures were over. Whether or not they were good, I don't remember. But we adults wanted ice cream too! So off to Arctic Circle we went (check again)!

We went home for probably 30 minutes before packing up to go to the reception. Didn't get many pictures on my phone because it was dying, but the reception was beautiful and so fun! I loved seeing so many cousins.

The corsages we realized halfway through we were supposed to be wearing. Ooops
 Thursday morning we packed up and cleaned the rental house in Draper. The Webbs, Westons, and Millie and I went to BYU for a bit while Mom and Dad went to an Andersen sibling luncheon. We got lunch at the new Chik-Fila in the Wilk, wandered around the MOA, almost got kicked out of the MOA because we were so loud and touchy (to the art), and wandered around the bookstore.

Trying to get a picture of 8 squirmy kids
Best attempt
Millie loved Ty and Eva so much!
 I said goodbye to that crew to pick up Mom and Dad and Sarah so we could head back to Texas. Sigh. We were sad to leave Utah but really ready to get home to see Tyler! The first night we stayed in Albuquerque and got back to Lufkin the next night. This drive was much more traumatic for Millie- I think she remembered that we had just done it or something. Even so, she was really well behaved as long as she had her binky and could watch videos of herself on my phone (Millie movies, we call them). There was one time where she was really losing it and wasn't super-coherent. My poor dad was exhausted and my mom was driving so he could sleep a bit, and Millie was just screaming! I offered everything I could think of, even to get her out of the carseat, all to which she said no. Finally I offered a Millie movie and she immediately stopped and said "Okay!" Problem solved. My phone had Priority 1 at the phone charger the rest of the way home.

Passing the hotel where Tyler and I spent our first Christmas
She snuggled a "bankie" for most of the way
Consequence of having nachos on your lap while buckling a resistant child in her carseat
After wiping off that nacho cheese above, we ate and went on our way. Later I was leaning over and showing Millie some movies on my phone, and I smelled something awful. I sniffed around, wondering if it was someone's feet. Finally I remembered the nacho cheese incident and had to cover my legs with a blanket the rest of the way to keep the smell away! Gross.

It was a great trip!! We loved every minute. The only downer was that Tyler couldn't come with us- we missed him terribly! But it was so great to be with family and celebrate Laura and Tom. We are so happy for them!