Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oh crepe!

Can't believe the weekend is already over! But luckily the weeks fly by- the weekend will be here again before we know it. Giselle and I crocheted flowers together on Friday, and ate our weight in grapes. :) I LOVE grapes. The boys lost their basketball game, but played really well and it was fun to watch. Tyler and I didn't do much that night- I really don't even remember if we did anything. Those nights are so nice sometimes, just to relax and do a little bit of nothing.

Saturday I made our meal plan for the next week and went to the grocery store, and we went to Kim and Nick's to watch the BYU game. Holy moly Cougars! Way to play! It was such a fun game to watch. We ate lots of pizza and chips and cookies. I did some cleaning in the afternoon and Tyler did lots of homework (he's got a big test week coming up) and I wrote my Mission Prep paper. We had Laura and Dan over for dinner- happy birthday to both of them! Laura's visiting for the weekend from Rexburg. We had enchiladas and they were yummy, if I may say so myself. :) Tyler and I watched Casino Royale after they left to go to a party. Poor guy was probably SO sick of chick flicks!

This morning was a pretty lazy one. I tried to start my Independent Study class (Living Prophets- so excited to take it) but then realized I hadn't kept the manual from last time I took it. By the way, shouldn't I only have had to take it once? Apparently the Church isn't as true in Idaho, according to BYU. Lame. Anyway, Laura went to Church with Dan and I didn't see her again before she left to go back up to Idaho. Tyler and I planned our lesson and I did some reading. The kids were good today- there were just 2 of them in class so it was really quiet. We talked about the priesthood and I thought they were both very interested and really learning, until I heard Anna report to her mom, "We played the statues game in class today!" No more games to get our wiggles out I guess. :) I took a much-needed bath and nap after church and then began making crepes for dinner! We had Randall and Crystal over for crepes, Amazing Race, and they brought a new game, Dixit. It was a very culturally-enriching evening with a French dinner and game. We had a great time.

This week will be a fairly calm one for me, but Tyler will be super-busy. Good time for me to show our apartment some love (the cleaning kind) and start prep for the 2 tests I have next week. Here's to getting ahead!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because we're friends

I really need to be studying right now. Tomorrow is my last day to take my Articulation Disorders test, and I have not done much studying. But when I have 2 overlapping tests and a quiz, whadaya expect?? There will be life after this week though... I'm 87% sure.

I should be honest. Part of the real reason I'm not studying right now is because it's my turn on Tyler's and my game of Words With Friends. Coolest iPod app ever. We play all day every day (when I remember to charge my iPod anyway...), and someday I'm going to win. For real. But for now, I have no idea what to do with the letters A-A-V-O-D-E-V. I'm S-T-U-C-K.

Tyler and I took a little much-needed break yesterday afternoon to play tennis. I wanted to because the sun was shining, and Tyler wanted to because he's trying to master a one-handed backhand. It felt so great to be outside! I'm really super ready for spring. Unfortunately, I can hear a big storm coming outside as I type. I have my Valentine's Day hearts still hanging on the door, and the wind is blowing them around like crazy. It sounds like someone's trying to get in my house when they scrape against the door! Maybe I will take them down.

Tomorrow the Dunkin' and Covenants have another game. I love watching them play! And Giselle and I have a fun secret date planned for this weekend too- surprises are so fun to plan! We'll be watching the BYU basketball game with Kim and Nick on Saturday, and we're way excited for that. Also, this weekend will be full of Church stuff. I have a paper to write for Mission Prep, a Living Prophets class to start (Independent Study), and almost 200 pages to read in the Book of Mormon before March 8. Heidi challenged us to read it from cover to cover in 60 days, and that clock is ticking fast!

We had an awesome guest lecturer in my Language Disorders in Kids class today, Silvia Allen. She really changed my whole perspective on speech therapy and what I'm trying to learn how to do and be. Anyway, she shared this quote with us, which I hadn't read/heard in a long time: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Just somethin' I've been thinking about today. Peace out, friends.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fridays with Giselle

My weekends begin a little sooner than they ever have this semester. I only have one class on Fridays, and it's at 10 in the morning. So, Giselle and I have made Friday girl time a weekly event! We craft together and watch movies, and talk each other's ears off. I taught her how to crochet last week, and she's going to teach me to cook soon! We've been having so much fun together. I lose track of time so easily on our Friday afternoon adventures. We lucked out- we are also related! Well, through marriage. :) I love all of the relatives I inherited when marrying Tyler. What would this world be without great friends and family?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend adventures- the President's variety

We (Austin, Giselle, Tyler, and I) really wanted to go out of town this weekend. Moab, St. George, Vegas, anywhere there would be nice weather. Unfortunately, the weather looked bad all over the country. So the boys planned an amazing surprise weekend, full of things to do around here. Saturday morning we went to the Draper Temple! One more down on our Utah Temples goal. Such a beautiful temple. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain/snow as we were walking in and out, so we couldn't get a picture with the whole temple in it. These will have to do.

We all went home and ate lunch and changed into winter gear. Keep in mind that everything was a surprise... I kept asking "Will I need this? Will I need these?" Which probably got annoying, but when you don't know what you're doing, it's hard to dress appropriately for it! Anyway, Audie and Giselle picked us up and we drove up Hobble Creek Canyon. Giselle and I kept throwing out ideas: snowmobiling? Hiking? Igloo-building? But never would have guessed SNOWSHOEING! There's a winter recreation center up the canyon somewhere (I don't know what it's called) that rents out snowshoes, sleds, and cross-country skis (which we're definitely going to try next time we go) for really cheap- snowshoeing was only $6/person! So we trekked out across the rugged mountainland (I guess it wasn't too rugged... we were passing playgrounds and barbeque pits) in the deep snow. We had a blast! I never knew snowshoeing could be so tiring though. The weather was perfect- it stopped raining right as we got there. I can't wait to go back!

Tyler and I went grocery-shopping and did some cleaning and had dinner after that, but then we went over to Austin and Giselle's place and watched "Despicable Me" and had hot chocolate and Oreos. Such a cute movie!! Definitely one we need to get.

Sunday night we had them over for dinner and Amazing Race. We all ate so much- pretty sure I ate my weight in chicken dumplings and pb/chocolate chip pazookies. We played Bananagrams and Austin schooled all of us! I want to practice now so it won't be so embarrassing next time.

Not sure what today will bring. Tyler has to work for a little bit, and I need to use his computer for few projects (who just makes a project that can't be done on Macs? Rude) but we'll hopefully find some time to do something President-y. Hope you're enjoying this day off too!

Valentine's Day 2011

Our celebrating started on Saturday night! We are party animals! Just kidding. We had 3 of my best friends from high school over with their hubbies/hubbies-to-be/semi-random dates. :) I love these girls!

*Please excuse my face. Despite the way it looks, I don't have a lazy eye.

Sunday was the family party at Aunt Sheila's house. I spent all morning making sugar cookies, and they turned out okay, thankfully! We love being with family.

Cute Emily and Natty
Giselle and Austin
Giselle, Austin, Gabby, and Abby

That night, Tyler exclaimed, "Wait, Valentine's Day is TOMORROW?" So naturally, I thought he'd forgotten. Maybe he had? Anyway, so I wasn't expecting anything crazy. We both had classes and work all day, and Tyler picked me up from campus at 5:30. I walked out to the car to find a pot of red tulips on my seat! He said something silly, like "Well, I had to get you something for Valentine's Day." Again, making me think that was it. So we went home, and I was planning on heating up leftover spaghetti and meatballs, since Tyler said he had lots of homework to do. We walk in the door and I find our coffee table in the entryway. Weird. On it, there was a list: "Valentine's Day Agenda." He had it all planned out!! We went and grabbed Panda Express to go (one man's fast food is another man's romantic Valentine's Day dinner- I LOVE Panda) and ate it by candlelight in the kitchen.

We then changed into our comfies and hopped in bed, which Tyler had dragged out into the living room! We do that sometimes when we want to watch a movie late at night. I'm not really sure why, because we have a TV in our bedroom... oh well. :) We're funny. So we (and when I say we I mean I) bounced around on the mattress for a few minutes, and Tyler popped in our "surprise movie." He bought "The Time Traveler's Wife" for us! That movie makes me cry every time. I love that Tyler still surprises me- I can't seem to catch on to his tricky ways, even though he's been surprising me for a few years now. So lucky to have him for my valentine.

Jazz vs. Warriors

We went to the Jazz game on Wednesday night! Thanks go to Austin and Giselle for the tickets. We love spending time with them. The weather was crazy that night- I seriously thought our car would flip over in the wind! Thankfully, we made it to Salt Lake and back safely. The Jazz lost, but we had a great time regardless. We were at the top of the first bowl, but I felt so close to the court! Go Jazz!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our days in the sun

The weather has been so wonderfully warm and sunny the past couple of days!! I'm pretty sure it's not going to stick around, but I appreciate every ray. Saturday we got to play tennis outside! We had to drive to 3 different courts before we found any without snow, but it was so worth it. I wish that day could have lasted forever. Saturday evening we had some of my bestest friends over with their valentines for a little partay. Pretty sure I love my friends, and I love that we're growing up and getting husbands and having babies (congrats to K&N, haha not me)! We had a great time catching up and eating pasta. Thanks again for the meatball recipe, Gretchen! It was a HUGE hit. We all went back for a second serving of just meatballs, sans noodles. :) Tyler asked me if we could have more fondue in our lives after Hillary and Kimmy dazzled us with their chocolate melting skills- yum. Also, I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in breadsticks, thanks to Annie. See you at the gym! Pictures of this lovely evening to come.

Sunday was another great and sunny day- in Primary, Anna said, "Of course it's sunny! It's SUNday!" She thought she was pretty funny. Our lesson was on having faith in Jesus Christ. I was trying to prove the point that even though we can't see Jesus, we know that He lives and that He loves us. So I asked the kids if they had ever seen Jesus. After shaking his head, Denmark said, "I'm pretty sure my friend Lexi has!" We were dying laughing. I don't think he understood why it was so funny. I spent all morning before church making sugar cookies. Do you know how long it takes to make heart-shaped sugar cookies when you don't have a heart-shaped cookie cutter???? I know I have one somewhere... just don't know where. So I cut a heart out of paper and then traced around that heart in the cookie dough with a knife. You can understand why I did half hearts and half circles. After church we came home and frosted the cookies before picking up Giselle and Austin and going to Aunt Sheila's for dinner! We LOVED celebrating LOVE with our family. It was a great night, and there were so many yummy desserts that there are plenty of leftovers to get us through the next month! Or at least the week. :) I took some pictures last night as well. We're trying to do better at documenting the things we do- it's so fun to look back on all the great memories!

Well, because today is Valentine's Day, and I'm pretty positive Tyler's not going to read my blog before I give him his present tonight, I will show you what I made. I haven't taken a picture of the final product yet, but just imagine this framed and with red pleated fabric in the border:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All things orange

Sick day #3. I thought I was over the worst of it after yesterday, but I woke up this morning thinking surely I'd been hit by a truck or something. I haven't had a big appetite the past few days. In fact, I've only been eating two things:

Cuties and Goldfish. And of course, drinking TONS of water. It seems I have an aversion to anything not orange. But can you blame me? It's a...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A sick day

I'm calling today a sick day. Yesterday, I woke up with a sore throat, which is not uncommon for me at all. My throat often is a little "ticklish" in the mornings. But it just kept getting worse as the day went on. I bought a little bag of cough drops at the Wilk, and had to have one in my mouth constantly the rest of the day. Boo for being sick! Hopefully it doesn't last too long... I have two tests this week and am having trouble studying with this cloudy head.

But before I was sick, our weekend was great. Papa Kurt was in town! He came Thursday night in time for the boys' basketball game (they won!), and was so sweet to take us all to Texas Roadhouse and bowling on Friday night. We were wishing the whole family was there! But we had so much fun. Saturday, Tyler had a test and we went to the BYU basketball game, and then to Aunt Dana's for dinner. Sunday we brought our new (to us) puzzle to our Primary class, to talk about how when the Church was restored, it was like putting a puzzle together and having no missing pieces. Great idea... except it turns out we were missing 3 pieces to the puzzle!! So that took a little bit of explaining. :) Guess we should have put it together before using it to prove a point. We spent the afternoon/evening at Austin and Giselle's, and ate SO much junk food. I'm thinking that was a big contributor to my sore throat. But it was really tasty, so you know.

Lots of things to look forward to this week: feeling better, getting 2 tests over with, Valentine's Day party, and playing tennis with Giselle in the *warmer* weather (40 degrees+sunshine). Can you tell I have spring fever??

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thank goodness for that

Tyler and I went to Joanna and Nathan's wedding reception. Jo looked so beautiful! We are so happy for them. We met Nate's mom at the end of the line, and I introduced myself as Jo's cousin. She looked at Tyler and said, "Then you must be her brother!" We laughed and told her we are married. She said, "In that case, thank goodness you're not siblings!" Yes, we agree.

That's not the first time we've been asked if we're brother and sister. Do we really look that much alike? I just don't know if I see it...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I can see clearly now

Did you know I wear glasses?

They're not real. Tyler got them for me for my birthday, because I love to wear glasses. In fact, when I was in first grade, I failed an eye exam on purpose so I could have glasses! They were purple with pink polka-dots. And then one day I was playing really intense at recess, and they were slipping off of my nose. I took them off, put them in a tree, and never went back for them.

Fast forward to an older and more frugal me- don't need to pay for an eye exam, let alone glasses I don't need! So, I have fake glasses. And I feel really smart when I wear them. So smart, in fact, that I like to wear them when I take tests to give me a confidence boost.

I had two tests this week- one yesterday, one today. Yesterday's went well, and I was happy with my score. Today's went well too, but I felt SO good about the test as I was taking it. I am really curious to see what I missed, because I thought I did better than the score that was posted. Pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that I had forgotten these bad boys:

Mystery solved.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prolonging the inevitable

I have two tests this week. One I'm going to try to take tomorrow, the other on Thursday. I am really not ready for either, yet here I am. :) Avoiding something that's unavoidable. Today was my first day handling devotional all by myself!! It was a little test run for when my boss is on her honeymoon in two weeks and I'll have to go by myself again. Today went great and I'm so happy to have a job! Not to mention a job that's perfect for me.

Is it cold where you are? I can't even believe how cold it is here. I'm just glad it hasn't been snowing/dropping icicles on us all day. But for real, I thought maybe I should check my toes once I got to work to make sure they weren't turning black. I was even wearing 3 pair of socks and my big rubber boots! Brr. I think "wind chill" should really be called "bone chill."

So, I got some exciting news this week. Thanks to Independent Study and a very kind Dr. Blair, I will be done with classes a whole semester earlier than we thought!! I am so excited. I feel like I've had college senioritis for a while now, but that has just intensified since I found out. I can now add "graduate from BYU" to my list of things to do in 2011! SO exciting. I suppose if I'm wanting to graduate, I should probably go study. Over and out.