Thursday, September 29, 2016

Little things

Max is such a sweet brother. He has been a trooper to sit and watch Millie do swimming and gymnastics! I was really worried that he would cry and want to do it too. He does want to participate, but so far has been satisfied with knowing he can do it when he's a little older. On our way to Millie's swim evaluation, Max said, "I'm so excited for you Millie!" 

The kids were good helpers cleaning the church recently. 

After cleaning we got frozen yogurt with 2 other families that were there. Millie loved playing with friends but was not happy about her choice of cherry yogurt (about which she was warned, but it was the only pink one they had so you know she was insistent).

I'm glad Tyler thought to take a picture of Millie on the day of her first Primary Program! She was nervous and reluctant to practice but when it came time for the program she stood and said her line ("I am a child of God") with no problem at all. I love being her teacher. It was a funny Sunday because during 2nd hour the power went out! Which means the A/C wasn't working, so it quickly became crazy hot (especially for a 7-months prego lady). They called off the rest of church once they knew the problem wouldn't be resolved quickly. 

This was at Millie's first actual swim lesson. There are 3 other kids in her class. Millie just couldn't stop smiling the entire time! It was so cute. 

Sometimes Max just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and needs a few extra snuggles. 

First official day of gymnastics, to which she insisted on wearing her ballet outfit. You do you, girl!

Max was looking through a stack of pictures of Christ and kept calling them "family pictures." Pretty darn cute.

Millie drew our family going to church! I think I like my body the best. The whole thing is just so funny.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pregnancy update

This post is really just a series of embarrassing selfies. Oh well.

I love looking at pictures from previous pregnancies to compare. Maybe because it gives me an opportunity to show myself that pregnancy does end! So below is pregnancy 1 at 23 weeks, pregnancy 2 at 23 weeks, and pregnancy 3 at 24 weeks. It really is true that the body just remembers what to do and gets bigger each time! Lovely!

Above is pregnancy 2 at 30 weeks, below is pregnancy 3 at almost 31 weeks. 

This time around I have been so much better about exercising! And I have come to need it so much. I work out 5-6 times a week, usually 6. I've been walking 3 days a week (usually about 2-2.5 miles) and strength training the other 3 days. It's amazing to me that it really does help keep the normal aches and pains of pregnancy at bay. I've never really done it with less weight gain in mind, I don't think it has made a difference at all in that regard haha! But I don't even care. My back pain hasn't been nearly as bad on the days when I exercise, especially on the days I do weight training. I also just feel so much better emotionally. There were a few days in a row recently where I didn't do anything, and by the 2nd day I was a total weepy hormonal mess! But I noticed the connection and have been super consistent since then. I'm not sure if it's the endorphins or my needing to feel like my body is strong or just checking something off my list, but it really helps so much. Hopefully I can keep it up all the way to the end. We're finally getting close!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cousin day

My sister Lindsay had her baby a while back and I finally went out to meet her! Pretty embarrassing that it took me 6 weeks to go out there when they live less than 2 hours away. Anyway, we went out there for a day with my mom and had fun snuggling Becca (and smelling her! Oh the smell of new babies), swimming, and playing. The kids loved being with their cousins, as always.

I totally got her to smile a few times! Favorite aunt status!

Powdered donuts by the pool. Life is good!

First sewing lesson from Monka! These girls were mesmerized.

Teaching my children the way of the beaver on our way home. Millie said afterwards that a stop at Buccee's for an Icee is just what we have to do every time we go to see the Westons. I think that's a pretty good idea!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Haircuts all around

Millie desperately needed a haircut after a summer of chlorine damage, and Max's hair was getting pretty long too! So the other night we had a little hair cutting party in my bathroom. It involves a show on the iPad and a bubble bath in Mom's tub, so it's a pretty special time! haha

I wasn't planning to go this short, but this was my compromise with Millie. She wanted it up by her ears (!!) and kept saying, "Shorter Mom!" I finally convinced her that we need to at least be able to put it in a ponytail . She loves short hair.

Max said afterwards, "It's not too bad! I handsome!" Which is so true. This kid kills me.

Tyler also got a haircut a couple days later . Adult haircuts just aren't the party that they are for kids I guess!

Beginning September

At the beginning of the month, Tyler got to go to Louisiana to help clean out homes after the recent flooding there. He got to hear from Pres. Nelson during their Sacrament meeting on Sunday and he saw Kenny there! 

It's still mega hot, and I grow less tolerant of it by the day! Gigi was so nice to take the kids to the park while I stayed in the air conditioning. 

Fitting in a few last swims. The water is refreshing again now that it gets below 80 at night!

Obviously we are still working on eating better. Ha!

Max insisted on having Buzz and Woody tucked in next to him one night. I love his sweet smile.

We signed Millie up for gymnastics! And swimming, but more on that later. This pic is at her free trial class. She loved it!

A game of Chutes and Ladders before bed. We thought it'd be quick, but that game is endless!! Also, Sharon passed their Buzz outfit on to Max and he is obsessed. Halloween - done!

Millie went to the birthday party of one of her best friends. 

Max asked that I take a picture of him with his hammer (the side of the Connect 4 game). Not sure why. 

Documentation of his funny hair (he asked for it to be "up" and that was what we came up with hahaha) and that he loves apples lately. I gave him one in the car and he went to town... Hope he didn't eat too many seeds!

A big rainstorm brought an unwelcome visitor... Anyone want our house?

Delaying the start of the day with a show in my bed.

Making a birthday card for Gigi. I love watching Millie create!

Celebrating Gigi!! She was a trooper to wear the pipe cleaner necklace and bracelets the kids made for her, she shared her delicious cake with us, and we somehow ended up with her birthday balloon! A truly selfless Gigi, even on her own special day!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Family Pictures 2016

These were taken on Sept. 10th by our friend Beth. She's amazing! Like I mentioned before, we posed for a photography class she taught and she took some pictures for us in exchange. I feel bad that we got the WAY better end of that deal!! I just love every single one so much.

It might be a little silly to have family pictures taken right before we have another baby, but I'm glad we have this memory of the way our family is right now. 

10 on 10: September 2016

1. "I gave the baby eyes Mommy!"

2. Mad scooter skillz

3-5. We posed for a friend's photography class. The kids were pretty cooperative and had a fun time even though it was SO hot. Funny having multiple cameras pointed at us!

6. Rewarding good behavior at Target.

7. The kids love to find Spot every time. I try not to show my annoyance every time.

8. Tyler and I have been missing the mountains lately, but we have sure enjoyed some killer sunsets that you just don't get elsewhere!!

9. Mitchell got lots of face time during the game. Go Cougars!

10. We got some family pictures for posing for my friend's class. This was a screenshot I saw before seeing the gallery and it made me so excited!