Monday, September 26, 2016

Cousin day

My sister Lindsay had her baby a while back and I finally went out to meet her! Pretty embarrassing that it took me 6 weeks to go out there when they live less than 2 hours away. Anyway, we went out there for a day with my mom and had fun snuggling Becca (and smelling her! Oh the smell of new babies), swimming, and playing. The kids loved being with their cousins, as always.

I totally got her to smile a few times! Favorite aunt status!

Powdered donuts by the pool. Life is good!

First sewing lesson from Monka! These girls were mesmerized.

Teaching my children the way of the beaver on our way home. Millie said afterwards that a stop at Buccee's for an Icee is just what we have to do every time we go to see the Westons. I think that's a pretty good idea!

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