Thursday, September 29, 2016

Little things

Max is such a sweet brother. He has been a trooper to sit and watch Millie do swimming and gymnastics! I was really worried that he would cry and want to do it too. He does want to participate, but so far has been satisfied with knowing he can do it when he's a little older. On our way to Millie's swim evaluation, Max said, "I'm so excited for you Millie!" 

The kids were good helpers cleaning the church recently. 

After cleaning we got frozen yogurt with 2 other families that were there. Millie loved playing with friends but was not happy about her choice of cherry yogurt (about which she was warned, but it was the only pink one they had so you know she was insistent).

I'm glad Tyler thought to take a picture of Millie on the day of her first Primary Program! She was nervous and reluctant to practice but when it came time for the program she stood and said her line ("I am a child of God") with no problem at all. I love being her teacher. It was a funny Sunday because during 2nd hour the power went out! Which means the A/C wasn't working, so it quickly became crazy hot (especially for a 7-months prego lady). They called off the rest of church once they knew the problem wouldn't be resolved quickly. 

This was at Millie's first actual swim lesson. There are 3 other kids in her class. Millie just couldn't stop smiling the entire time! It was so cute. 

Sometimes Max just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed and needs a few extra snuggles. 

First official day of gymnastics, to which she insisted on wearing her ballet outfit. You do you, girl!

Max was looking through a stack of pictures of Christ and kept calling them "family pictures." Pretty darn cute.

Millie drew our family going to church! I think I like my body the best. The whole thing is just so funny.

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