Thursday, September 8, 2016

Little things

The kids loved playing with Uncle Tim and Aunt Lauren while they were here. They are so fun!

Found this picture after a rough night where everyone ended up in the same bed. It's just too true.

The kids love to take the cushions off the couches lately and pretend they're rocks in a lake full of alligators. Can't touch the water!

A little popcorn picnic before bed one night. This was their treat after eating some new things at dinner. They are making progress on eating and I'm proud of them! We still have a looooong way to go but I'm happy with any improvements.

Millie woke me up and said "See that peach line Mom? It's the sun coming up. It's called a sunrise and it's prettier than anything." 

I'm having a lot of "well this is the last time I'll wear this shirt for a while!" moments. My clothes are working real hard. I was 27 weeks here.

Forever trying to catch up to these two! We are having an occasional cool-ish morning here and there and it's wonderful.

Millie was sitting here all tired and quiet and Max plopped down next to her and asked "What are you sinking, Millie?" 

Max loves the BYU stuff in his room! And they were both super excited to wear their Cougar gear on game day. 

Having some time with the iPad while I exercised.

The first football game started at 9:30pm! We watched it at Gigi and Poppy's. My hope was that both kids would fall asleep before kickoff, but I had no such luck. Millie finally gave in around 10:20, and Max hung in there til halftime, I think 11ish! 

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