Tuesday, August 30, 2016

While Dad was away

Tyler went out of town for a few days and we kept busy while he was gone. 

Sunday dinner, casual breakfast edition. When we have waffles the kids like to eat them right there at the island as they come off the iron! They hang out with me while I make the whole bowl of batter. We freeze what we don't eat and heat them in the toaster later. 

I've started walking with Sharon again and one day it turned into a run when it started pouring. The kids thought it was so funny and we all got soaked! 26 weeks pregnant in this pic. For some reason almost every bump pic I've taken this pregnancy has been around a workout... Not sure why but I promise I do get dressed and ready for the day sometimes!! And yes I'm missing a doorknob. All kinds of embarrassment in this picture.

First Christmas gift is underway. It was a little sad to cut such cute fabric into tiny strips like that! But it is making its way into a super cute rag rug.

Max started this thing where he clutches me/Tyler around the neck and begs you not to leave at bedtime. HOW do I say no to this???

We met Monka at Ikea and shopped (hooray for cheap picture frames!) and got ice cream cones of course.

We had fun in the cell phone lot, waiting for Tyler's plane to land. Millie spotted a rainbow!

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