Monday, August 22, 2016

Rain, rain go away

We've had a lot of rainy days lately (ironically, right after we paid to have our sprinkler system repaired). It abruptly ended our summer swimming, but we've had fun doing activities that don't involve water!

I saw the Skittle experiment floating around social media so we gave it a try and called it "science." If only every experiment was so delicious!

Took our umbrellas for a scooter ride when it was lightly sprinkling one afternoon. Max's rain boots are too big and kept turning backwards! It was so funny.

We also braved the outlet mall one afternoon since Monka, Tim, and Lauren were there. I got turned around as we were leaving and we ended up walking wayyy further than we should have to find our car. The kids were troopers. 

We were feeling pretty cooped up one day and Grammy surprised us with a visit! It was so fun to see her. I took a pic of the aftermath - she brought the kids some new fun toys that kept them busy for a long time. 

Trying cheese with his crackers. I'm so thankful that this boy is slightly more curious about food than his sister!

A nap with Dad on a Saturday afternoon. They really fell asleep holding hands!! Kills me.

We recently bought a computer (after going the last 2+years without one!) and I've been cleaning out my email inbox. This little folder I found reminded me of what we did before Pinterest! Hilarious!

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