Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Random catching up

I put off blogging for a while because I wanted to go chronologically and I still need to get pictures of our rodeo adventure from Kurt! But lots of pics are piling up and hopefully we will have baby boy coming soon. Maybe now please? The point is I don't want to get super far behind and then not ever catch up.

So, here is a bunch of random stuff from the last 2-ish weeks, excluding the rodeo.

I hosted book club at our house one night so Tyler took Millie on a little daddy-daughter date. 

Nana came over and taught me to make kolaches! They are apparently a Texas thing- I've never been a fan of them but Tyler LOVES them. So I got Nana's recipe and we had a fun Friday morning making them together. There was even one more pan than what's in this picture! Thank goodness I cut the recipe in half. 

We bagged and froze them and now Tyler has quick easy breakfasts for quite a while! And he's really happy about it.

A Friday night at the park. It was raining but not hard enough to deter us!

Little laundry is the best kind

We are so excited to have my parents and Sarah move closer to us! Dad is working in Houston again and came to church with us last Sunday. He stayed for dinner and then both he and Tyler took a nap. Millie made a huge mess around them as they slept.

How to make this prego happy: swollen feet up on a pillow, a bowl of ice cream on my belly, and Pride and Prejudice on the laptop. 

I snapped this to remember a rare cuddly moment with Mills. Sometimes I think she senses there's a big change coming to our family, because she's been super clingy to me lately. 

She put this ensemble together on her own and said, "I match!"

We got two of those cheap IKEA lamps to put in the living room. That room doesn't have any lighting whatsoever (why on earth not??) and now that we actually have things in there, it's nice to have it be usable. 

Now that Millie knows how to open doors, we needed a way to keep her out of the craft/food storage room and the baby's room. Mission accomplished, for now.

Apparently I worked right through my gardening gloves while pulling weeds the other day. Gross. But the yard looks awesome!

It's a long story, but Millie fell out of a shopping cart and hit her head last week. Totally my fault. This was later that day. The bump is finally going down now (5 days later) but you can still see a nice line in the middle.

We recently bought a video monitor for Millie's room, and it's kind of hilarious. We just sit and watch her and giggle at how funny she is.

Tyler is working at a closer client than normal, so we met him for lunch at Freebirds one day. Millie is saying cheese and not smiling here, like usual.

Millie and I hang out in the living room a lot more now, which usually means I'm resting on the couch while Millie dances to cheesy keyboard songs wearing crazy outfits. I love having a little girl.

Kurt and Gretchen gave us a double jogging stroller!! It is the coolest thing ever. Tyler put it together over the weekend and we love driving it around the house with Millie in one side and the car seat snapped in the other. I really want to test it outside the house, but I guess I'll wait until there's actually another person to put in the other seat so I don't look like a crazy lady!


Family date to IHOP, thanks to our credit card rewards. We thought we'd be awesome-nice parents and get Millie a funny face pancake... she didn't eat any of it. Well, unless you count the 5 chocolate chips she picked off the top. Lesson learned.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


 We have some of the sweetest friends/ward members! Sharon and Brenda (and Allison) threw a baby shower for us last Saturday (the 15th). Lots of people came and even more dropped gifts by or brought them to us afterwards. I just felt so overwhelmed at how much love I felt from everyone! We're so thankful for such great friends and family. 

Top row: Nana, Janet, Grammy, Maggie, Jan, me, Gretchen, Becki
Bottom row: Charlee, Betty Ann, Melissa, Laura, Sharon, Melodee and Evan, Brenda

Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 on 11: March 2014

This month's 10 on 10 comes with a story! I didn't take any pictures on the 10th. So these are from the 11th. My parents and Sarah were staying with us, and my dad still is! So I was enjoying family company. Anyway....

I really liked looking out the window and seeing Mom and Dad smiling and chatting as Mom gave Dad a haircut first thing in the morning. They're still cute together after over 30 years!

And they had an audience. 

Millie is obsessed with umbrellas right now.

I went to a doctor's appointment while Millie played with Monka and Aunt Sarah. I was dilated 3 cm! The doctor says baby boy could come anytime.

Just a small sampling of Millie and Sarah's fun together:

We took Mom and Sarah to the airport in the afternoon so they could fly to Utah for Legacy Conference. I'm the only one of my sisters that won't be there! Sad day. Millie and I got a good taste of rush hour traffic- it took us almost 2 hours to get home!

Tyler was very sweetly concerned about keeping baby boy on the inside a little longer.... He made dinner and totally took care of me.

So I stayed on the couch and put my always-swollen feet up.

Also, here's baby boy's blanket I finished recently. Thanks Pinterest!

Lastly, a little self-portrait attempt by Millie.

 And that's the story of the day.

Little things

I have a lot of random pictures that don't really belong anywhere specific. So they belong here!

Occasionally Millie refuses to get out of the tub and will sit in it dry for a looooong time
Sending a pic to Daddy. Also, I'm showing in my face 
I instagrammed this, but as I put a bag of Cadbury eggs into our shopping cart, Millie said, "Oh yes! Mommy eat 'em allll gone!" She sees everything, apparently.
A little mini-golf at Gigi's

Millie stepped on our bread in the shopping cart. Made for some funky-looking toast
A lazy picnic in the backyard

Sometimes I randomly turn around and find this