Thursday, March 13, 2014

Little things

I have a lot of random pictures that don't really belong anywhere specific. So they belong here!

Occasionally Millie refuses to get out of the tub and will sit in it dry for a looooong time
Sending a pic to Daddy. Also, I'm showing in my face 
I instagrammed this, but as I put a bag of Cadbury eggs into our shopping cart, Millie said, "Oh yes! Mommy eat 'em allll gone!" She sees everything, apparently.
A little mini-golf at Gigi's

Millie stepped on our bread in the shopping cart. Made for some funky-looking toast
A lazy picnic in the backyard

Sometimes I randomly turn around and find this

1 comment:

Katie said...

HAHA! I am literally eating cadbury eggs right now and so when I saw your post about the eggs I laughed out loud! Can't stop won't stop!