Thursday, April 21, 2016

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2016

We love this tradition of going to the arts festival with Grammy every year! Uncle Russell and Aunt Pam came too and we all had a great time.

This was the only semi-group picture we got. We decided on edible art this year and got a Bundt cake! Not sad at all about that.

Funny story: after a few hours at the festival we went back to Grammy's for a little bit. Grammy had bought the kids little glass things that look like sand dollars and they were carrying them around. They were out on Grammy's balcony (6 floors up), and of course Max chucked his! Tyler saw where it landed so we all went down to search for it. Max was so happy that we found it, and all in one piece! Pretty amazing that his little glass survived a 6-story fall into a rocky area. 

Good fun in good weather

I haven't blogged in a while and we are having gloomy, rainy weather this week (more on that later), so I'm reminiscing on the last few weeks when we have had beautiful sunshine!

Max had this funny day where he asked me to "take a peecture" of everything he did. 

A park day turned into a splash pad day, without swim suits.

We are enjoying the chalk the Easter bunny brought to us!

Of course, I did get a letter from our HOA saying we had to get rid of the drawings. So dumb.

I got the kids some summer accessories and Max is especially into them lately. I love little boys in ball caps!

Come back, sunshine!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

General Conference weekend, April 2016 edition

Saturday was spent at Gigi and Poppy's house. Millie played with "the best dollhouse ever," James got the nap snuggle with Max, and we bought a new bed between sessions (!!!!).

Sunday we were at Monka and Ampa's. Millie loved playing with her cousins and Max was a cranky boy. I'm grateful we have access to the conference messages after the weekend is over!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Superhero birthday party

Millie's friends Mason and Sam had a bday party at a fun kid's gym recently. We had never been there before but it was a blast!!

Max, of course, found his way to the train table within two minutes of being there. Didn't leave for a good hour.

It was such a cute party and each kid got a cape!! I'm glad other people throw fun coordinating parties because it is so hot my thing.

I thought Millie would be to nervous for this little zip line but she probably went 20 times! So fun to watch.

Funny sayings

I've had this post in my drafts for a few months, adding to it when I remember. Obviously, I haven't remembered much! So some of these are from a while ago. These kids are pretty funny.

- Millie doesn't really understand the meaning of the word embarrassing. I think she thinks it means tired or something. She will often come up to me and sigh and say, "I'm so embarrassing." 

- Max calls deer/reindeer "Reinberders."

- If Max finds a chip that is folded over itself, he yells "TACO!" And then chomps on it with a big grin.

- Millie also misuses the word boring. Not sure what she thinks it means, but she often calls herself boring.

- At the pool one day, Millie asked me to watch her stand on water. She then jumped in the pool and obviously went in the water instead of standing on it. She got out and said "Oops! I accidentally can't walk on water!"

Monday, April 4, 2016

Little things

They go from wrestling to snuggling and back to wrestling!

Heidi and James were so nice to come to Millie's game (before our drive to bluebonnets).

Max attempting to hide from the doctor at his checkup.

A tag for a YW treat last week. I liked that quote. 

Bubble paradise.

Millie drew a picture of Madi and herself (right). Apparently she thinks she inherited my big feet!

Max is still my snuggle bug.

Got a little taste of summer at the splash pad. Can't wait!

Max didn't want to get wet. "I not wike it."

Millie played in the water in her swim suit, which created a big puddle on the porch, which then required rain boots! Funny girl.

We took our new kite (thanks Easter bunny!) out in Friday before soccer practice. It was a super windy day, perfect for flying a kite.

Max is 2!

Max turned 2 on the 27th! I kind of resisted the idea of having his bday on Easter (didn't want to detract from either day), but in the end that was the easiest day to gather our families. I decided to just roll with it. Plus, Easter may not fall on his birthday ever again, so it didn't super matter.

We had our families over after church for a traditional Easter dinner (ham, au gratin potatoes, salad, rolls, etc) and birthday cake and other treats for dessert. It was so fun to have everyone over, even if we didn't have enough seats (or space!) for them all.

I didn't get a pic of/with all the Weston crew, but they were so sweet to come all the way out here. All those cute girls loved helping Max with his candles.

Showing Botz how the trains work.

These were the next day as he got to play with more of his gifts. Someday we will work on real baseball form, but for now he likes to use it like a golf club. 

Some things about Max at 2 years old:

- He is still very much a mama's boy. He yells "No!" If Tyler puts his arm around me or hugs me. Possessive much?

- As you can see above, he loves trains and Toy Story. And sports.

- Max is a really good listener and copy cat. He knows the first Article of Faith and lots of songs (ranging from Taylor Swift to primary songs) mostly from hearing them from Millie.

- He has also pretty much picked up Millie's eating habits, which means he doesn't eat very many things. The list of things he will eat is a little longer than Millie and he is more curious about food, so I'm thankful for that.

- Max still loves his binky. He is usually really good about giving it to me when he gets out of bed (he only has it for naps and night time), but sometimes he whines a little and says, "I NEED it!" I am dreading taking that away.

- We are learning that Max is such a tease! He loves having little jokes with people and laughing. And when something is funny, he will do it 100 times.

- He is pretty athletically inclined. He rides around so quickly on his scooter and is a great jumper on the trampoline. He loves to play soccer right now (especially when Millie is playing in her games - he always wants to get on the field with her!) but he will play anything and everything.

We love our Max!!