Monday, April 4, 2016

Little things

They go from wrestling to snuggling and back to wrestling!

Heidi and James were so nice to come to Millie's game (before our drive to bluebonnets).

Max attempting to hide from the doctor at his checkup.

A tag for a YW treat last week. I liked that quote. 

Bubble paradise.

Millie drew a picture of Madi and herself (right). Apparently she thinks she inherited my big feet!

Max is still my snuggle bug.

Got a little taste of summer at the splash pad. Can't wait!

Max didn't want to get wet. "I not wike it."

Millie played in the water in her swim suit, which created a big puddle on the porch, which then required rain boots! Funny girl.

We took our new kite (thanks Easter bunny!) out in Friday before soccer practice. It was a super windy day, perfect for flying a kite.

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