Monday, April 4, 2016

Max is 2!

Max turned 2 on the 27th! I kind of resisted the idea of having his bday on Easter (didn't want to detract from either day), but in the end that was the easiest day to gather our families. I decided to just roll with it. Plus, Easter may not fall on his birthday ever again, so it didn't super matter.

We had our families over after church for a traditional Easter dinner (ham, au gratin potatoes, salad, rolls, etc) and birthday cake and other treats for dessert. It was so fun to have everyone over, even if we didn't have enough seats (or space!) for them all.

I didn't get a pic of/with all the Weston crew, but they were so sweet to come all the way out here. All those cute girls loved helping Max with his candles.

Showing Botz how the trains work.

These were the next day as he got to play with more of his gifts. Someday we will work on real baseball form, but for now he likes to use it like a golf club. 

Some things about Max at 2 years old:

- He is still very much a mama's boy. He yells "No!" If Tyler puts his arm around me or hugs me. Possessive much?

- As you can see above, he loves trains and Toy Story. And sports.

- Max is a really good listener and copy cat. He knows the first Article of Faith and lots of songs (ranging from Taylor Swift to primary songs) mostly from hearing them from Millie.

- He has also pretty much picked up Millie's eating habits, which means he doesn't eat very many things. The list of things he will eat is a little longer than Millie and he is more curious about food, so I'm thankful for that.

- Max still loves his binky. He is usually really good about giving it to me when he gets out of bed (he only has it for naps and night time), but sometimes he whines a little and says, "I NEED it!" I am dreading taking that away.

- We are learning that Max is such a tease! He loves having little jokes with people and laughing. And when something is funny, he will do it 100 times.

- He is pretty athletically inclined. He rides around so quickly on his scooter and is a great jumper on the trampoline. He loves to play soccer right now (especially when Millie is playing in her games - he always wants to get on the field with her!) but he will play anything and everything.

We love our Max!!