Friday, February 21, 2014

A February goal

So I made a goal this month to not complain. I just felt like I'd been very negative, always complaining to Tyler especially. "Ain't nobody got time for that!" I spent the first few weeks of this month just being quiet. If you can't say something nice and all that. Inside my mind I kept grumbling and laughing at myself for setting this goal for this month. February is never my favorite month- why is it the shortest but always feels the longest? Tyler's hours have been looooong, I am very pregnant (and all that comes with that), and we have had an unusually cold winter. At least that's how it has felt to me.

But finally the other night I had a little breakthrough. I was writing in my journal and was super-tempted to just vent... no one else would ever know I had complained but maybe I would feel so much better! As I went to write, I suddenly couldn't think of the negative things because my mind was flooded with all of the good things that have happened this month. So I wrote that instead. And you know what? We are so blessed. 

I may be uncomfortable and experiencing all the classic end-of-pregnancy stuff, but baby boy and I are both healthy! And Millie is really self-entertaining when I randomly fall asleep on the couch while reading her books. And, I only have a few weeks left! This will all be a distant memory then. {But please don't let me forget too soon} Plus, as Aunt Sheila reminded me, there is a purpose to the miserable end of pregnancy. Heavenly Father lets it get really bad so you'll do whatever it takes to get that baby out! That made me laugh when she said it but really, I think it's true.

Despite having a colder-than-normal winter, we're coming out of it, and it is glorious. Millie has worn herself out at the park or in the backyard almost every morning and she has been a wonderful napper the last week or so. Which means, I get to nap too! What an awesome chain reaction.

Tyler is still working a lot. In fact, he's working as I type this, at 9:15 on a Friday night. He has worked almost literally nonstop for the last month. But he said to me on the phone the other day how thankful he is for these times, in part because he appreciates normal life so much more than he would otherwise. Yes it's hard, but we're all better for it in the end. {ps I personally love his commute right now- 30+ minutes each way per day that he's not working! Our phone calls are my lifeline.} He is a rockstar and I'm so thankful for him and his strength.

I also just want to mention that we have been so well taken care of by everyone around us. My family was sweet to let Millie and I come stay with them for almost a week. Tyler's parents have let us come over so much too, and kept us busy on the days when it's hardest for me to have Tyler gone. Everyone in our ward has been really sweet, checking on us and asking what we need. Someone in the ward that we hardly know brought Tyler the sacrament last week after he had a feeling that we needed something. Our home teachers have been so helpful also. There's just no doubt in my mind that Heavenly Father knows us and what we need, and we have been so blessed by people who followed the Spirit.

So even though this goal made me laugh at first, it's turned out to be a good thing! Funny how that happens.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Funny and random stuff

Millie and I went to Carter's this week. After being really loud and touchy in the store (I'm sure the employees loved us) we made it out. I walked away and went to take a picture of Millie, though I don't know why. Must have been mother's intuition. I got in front of her and saw she had stolen that little ducky from the store! We took it back and she apologized. The employees were really nice about it, though I'm sure they wanted to search my bag. What else might this crazy lady and her crazy daughter "accidentally" have? I was quite embarrassed but secretly loved it.

The baby obsession is still in full swing at our house. While getting the air mattress out of the closet in baby boy's room, Millie saw all the baby gear in there- swing, bumbo, bouncer, etc. and insisted we take it all out! That room is now baby central, and it's being put to good use even with no baby here yet. Millie keeps her babies entertained and bathed and whatever else she's imagining! It's so cute.

This girl is as fearless as ever. The weather is finally more Texas-like after some really cold weeks, and we're taking full advantage and spending lots of time at parks.

Millie had her 2-year checkup on Friday. While I was checking in she plopped herself right down and started reading. I couldn't get over how grown up she looked! She knocked the socks off the doctor and nurses, showing off all her tricks. Millie is still tall for her age (88%ile) but has chunked up a bit, now in the 50%ile for weight. She sang the ABCs and counted to 10 and told all the colors she knows and jumped and did everything else she could to show off for the doctor! It was hilarious.

I've never been a big frequenter of HEB, but it looks like I may have to be from now on- Millie is obsessed with their race car carts! 

I made scotcharoos for my visiting teachees on Valentine's Day and really liked eating the in-betweens. 

In the bag: all dollweed. Behind the bag: where the dollweed used to be. I only did half the yard too! Good thing that stuff is easy to get rid of. I'm really loving the warmer weather- it fits my tendency to get spring fever in January.

So Millie has started this really gross thing. Eating has always been a battle with her- every meal. But now she acts all compliant and takes a bite, only to leave it in her cheek! On Saturday she left a piece of chicken nugget in her cheek for over an hour. DISGUSTING.

She even fell asleep with it there! Can you see it in her right cheek? I made her spit it out- not sure if that means I won or she did. All I know is that soggy food has always been the quickest way to make me gag. 

Millie had the cutest little conversation with the girl at the bottom of this pic. It was the first time in my memory that I didn't have to help her or remind her to respond. The girl asked, "What's your name?" and Millie replied, "I'm Millie. I climb!" It was so funny. Little stuff like that just makes me smile.

Another ladder pic, just because she's awesome at climbing them.

Gigi gave her a chocolate covered strawberry and she downed it, stem and all. I knew she loved strawberries, but that still surprised me for some reason.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 on 10: February 2014

1. 33 weeks
2. A rainy day called for boots
3. She tried honey on her sandwich because Pooh likes it
4. I gobbled up NieNie's book "Heaven is Here" in less than 24 hours
5. She also tried peanut butter on apples! Two new things in one day
6-8. Progression of one of her many costume changes
9. My other current book. Trying the audiobook thing. Side note: BIG thanks to Gigi and Poppy for the iPad! We're (I'm) obviously really enjoying it
10. Since he wasn't home til 1:30am I'm glad I made him send me a selfie

February looks pretty lazy to me! I like it!

Monday, February 10, 2014


We read lots of books (sometimes in the tent)

We feel baby boy moving

And take good care of our babies

We have picnics outside between the cold spells

And go with Daddy to the church when he has to do things for his calling... anything to be with him!

We linger at Sam's Club (which she thinks is her cousin Sam's house)

We visit Gigi and Poppy, and even drive Poppy's truck

And avoid naps. Oh the freedom of the big girl bed!

So that's what Millie and I are up to.