Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 on 10: February 2014

1. 33 weeks
2. A rainy day called for boots
3. She tried honey on her sandwich because Pooh likes it
4. I gobbled up NieNie's book "Heaven is Here" in less than 24 hours
5. She also tried peanut butter on apples! Two new things in one day
6-8. Progression of one of her many costume changes
9. My other current book. Trying the audiobook thing. Side note: BIG thanks to Gigi and Poppy for the iPad! We're (I'm) obviously really enjoying it
10. Since he wasn't home til 1:30am I'm glad I made him send me a selfie

February looks pretty lazy to me! I like it!


Lindsay said...

Cam you look SO good for 33 weeks! I hope you're feeling just as good! Millie always cracks me up. We all loved her cute valentine we just got in the mail--thank you! And I don't know how you do it with Tyler being gone SO much. That's awful. But good for you for always being positive.

Britt Hanson said...

You look great!! Let me know what you think of the Memory Keeper's Daughter. I really enjoyed it, and would like to hear if you did, too!

Tiffany said...

Cam you look great! I love the rain boots! Cant wait to meet your new little one!