Monday, December 30, 2019


The day after Christmas Max got to try his new golf clubs on the course! He was so excited.

While they were gone I took Millie, Harvey, and Hazel to the park.

Hazel had fun crawling around on the turf while the big kids play!

Unfortunately by that evening I was really not feeling well. I’m guessing it was some kind of flu bug. I was so grateful that if I had to get sick that it happened when it did - Tyler was off work still and he was so helpful. Gigi came and took the kids to her house a couple of times too, so I could rest. It was so sweet. I rocked a mask for several days whenever I was holding Hazel.

Gigi and Poppy also took the kids to Urban Air! They had SO much fun and the kids couldn’t stop talking about all the cool stuff they got to do. 

We got Sorry from Monka and Umpa for Christmas and the kids had fun playing it for the first time. 

This picture doesn’t do it justice at all, but the amount of birds that congregate at the HEB near our house is insane!

Christmas 2019

Actually, backing up to a couple of things I forgot pre-Christmas. Tyler went golfing with my dad and Tim and they had a fun time.

While the younger kids were napping, Millie, Max, and I made paper snowflakes!

We hung our creations in the living room.

Thanks to Gigi and Poppy, Tyler and I got to sneak away for a date. We got Torchy’s for dinner and tried a yummy cheesecake place for dessert and it was an all-around delicious night! I love the Christmas tree at the boardwalk. And any chance I can get to have a date with my man.

Now finally on to Christmas Eve! We headed up to the Woodlands almost first thing for Grammy’s party. I was awful at taking pictures but we had so much fun! Yummy food, fun games, and great company. We were excited to see Heidi, James, Wes, and Claire back from Indiana again!  Wes was so cute with Hazel.

Tyler and Poppy took the kids down to see the fish and they loved waving to us from down there.

When we got back to Gigi and Poppy’s house Poppy shared a sweet Christmas message with us. The kids loved reading all of the names used for Christ in the scriptures. 

Then the kids got to open their presents from Gigi and Poppy! I took zero pictures of this, in part because I was just enjoying the happiness, and then in part because it was all hands on deck opening packages. After playing with their new toys a bit it was time to say goodnight and head to Monka and Umpa’s.

We got there just in time for dinner. Sarah had arrived the night before from Idaho and we were excited to see her! And admire the way she folded the napkins for dinner. So cute. I also loved seeing the little snowman place card holders that my mom has pulled out every Christmas for a lot of years. 

After dinner we re-enacted the nativity. Since we didn’t have very many people some of us had multiple parts and I really struggled to play the piano as we sang, but it was so fun nonetheless. I think my favorite part was when Max played Samuel the Lamanite. He was so cute reciting his part and then we all threw marshmallows at him, laughing when we remembered we were supposed to miss! Then Max started eating the marshmallows and we laughed even harder. Sarah threw a marshmallow directly into Tyler’s mouth which was just the icing on the cake. 

Not pictured was the insane array of desserts Mom made. We could tell she missed being here at Thanksgiving and was making up for it in baking for Christmas. Chocolate dream dessert, pretzel salad, apple pie, pumpkin bars, and carrot cake! Too much goodness to just choose one or two.

We ate and played and watched the first half of the BYU football bowl game before going home.

We got home and the kids were anxious to go to bed, but not before the kids wrote a quick note for Santa. I had just started preheating the oven to bake some cookies real fast and then Tyler showed me these notes! So funny.

Christmas morning! Harvey came into our bed sometime in the night (per usual) but the big kids were awake and listening to Christmas music by 6:30. They were so patient to wait another hour, when I woke Harvey up and they went to see what Santa brought! 

Max had asked Santa for one of those big cars you sit in and ride, but Santa thought a cool remote control car was a good compromise. It even can go in the water!

Millie made me a really cool calendar with her own works of art at the top of each month. I can’t wait to use it!

Santa brought Millie a doll pet groomer set.

Max was also excited about the golf clubs he got from Mom and Dad.

I neglected to get any pictures of Harvey because he was so busy running around the playing! Santa brought him a Scar stuffed animal and some alphabet transformer robots from Mom and Dad. Hazel woke up about an hour after the big kids and was very excited about her walker from Santa and her noise machine from Mom and Dad (ha!).

The kids were so nice to pause for a couple pictures for me. Harvey had not wanted to put on his Christmas jammies the night before so I hadn’t gotten a pic of all of them in their jammies together yet.

The realities of taking pictures with kids sometimes.

Worth it though!

Monka, Umpa, and Sarah came over later in the morning and we made French toast for breakfast. We finished opening gifts with them and everyone got to play for a bit. We watched The Grinch (and some of us fell asleep). Tim and Lauren came over in the afternoon and we had a late lunch, then headed to the park! It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun playing outside. Gigi and Poppy stopped by for a few minutes too. We were all laughing at Harvey, who somehow had ripped a hole in the bottom of his shorts while playing! 

We went back home and heated up some leftovers for dinner, then watched The Santa Clause while working on a puzzle. 

Millie got a sewing machine from Gigi and Poppy! Monka gave her a little sewing lesson and Millie was so excited about it. She can’t wait to learn more.

After putting the kids to bed we played “The Game of Things” before everyone went home. It was a Christmas to remember!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Little things December

We sure enjoyed some beautiful weather this December!

Harvey brought me probably the tiniest flower I’ve ever received. So cute.

We took Millie lunch at school and had lots of fun with her. Unfortunately the visitors table was right in the sun so we were squinting the whole time.

Harvey sometimes gets super anxious for Millie and Max to come home. This particular day he parked himself by the front door, crying, waiting to go out. I told him we could go out as soon as Hazel was awake (even if it was a good hour before the bus would come).

5 minutes later I found him asleep. Poor guy.

Tyler had to go out of town for work (to New York, actually!) and Max wrote him this sweet note.

I was trying to keep Hazel awake for a few more minutes but she won!

Millie and I had a little Saturday morning date - she rode her bike while I ran and we blasted Frozen 2 songs the whole time. Love this girl.

Foreground: cute baby. Background: the mess that cute baby made!

What Max wrote and drew about visiting the puppies at the pet store. His spelling of cute kills me - “kyot.”

Harvey jumped off this curb so many times, over and over.

And Hazel finally learned to sit up! She learned to crawl before sitting up, not the usual order of things, but it’s definitely more her personality to be into moving instead of sitting still.

And she has started liking solids more too! Such a fun, messy age.

She turned the banana into a purée real quick.

If I’m down on the floor with her she gets as close as she can and it’s my favorite thing!

Harvey is really into being a puppy lately. He crawls around and sometimes barks instead of talking, and occasionally even wants water in a bowl and his lunch on the floor.

My real-life Cabbage Patch baby!

I wanted to try some different kinds of popcorn so we did a little taste test. Harvey was so excited to watch the air popper.

We made regular butter and salted popcorn, cinnamon sugar popcorn, and caramel corn. Pair that with watching White Christmas and it was a pretty great evening!

Can’t resist tickling and snuggling this girl during an outfit change!

Max was the star student at school. He made this cute star to take in to tell all about himself, he got to be first in line every day, and I got to go read to his class on that Friday. Love this star student!

7 months old!

Hazel is hard to nurse nowadays - she’s very easily distracted. Smiling at Max was much more fun than eating.

When your Christmas dress is too puffy for your car seat buckle.

Millie was holding Hazel and playing Max in chess at the same time. The multi-tasking starts young! She’s such a little mom and it’s so cute.

Just super happy to be sitting up and playing with everything in and out of reach. This girl is sunshine!