Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Beginning of summer fun

Milk drunk.

Another rogue arm. That was a cute little surprise.

We did a summer reading challenge from Everyday Reading (thanks to Sharon for print off the chart for us!) and one of the challenges was to read in a fort. This entertained them for a long time, for which I was very thankful!

Reading in the fort led to making it bigger and bringing in every toy they own and eventually sleeping in it. This is why summer is so great.

Total relaxation. Also, a super cute outfit!

And a cute photobomber haha.

Millie hopped in the baby floatie Gigi got when she was a baby. Had to dig up a picture of her using it as an actual baby. Time is a thief!

So happy to move that baby bump to the outside.

I found this in our library haul and was laughing so hard. Millie eventually admitted that she chose this book because a boy from her class loves John Cena. It was so funny.

Hazel's hair looks curly when it's wet and it's adorable! 

Some sweet snuggles.

A very intense Pokemon battle. Max is super into Pokemon these days.

When you just can't stay awake anymore! I took the pic and then hurried to lay him down so he didn't fall down. So funny.

A terrible picture but I wanted to remember this sweet outfit a friend gave us. Hazel has been one very well dressed baby thanks to sweet friends and family!

School's out!

Last day of first grade!

We were excited to be together all summer and I was excited to not have to be up and going early in the mornings with a newborn.

First official summer swim!

Hazel snoozing poolside.

I love how swimming tires everyone out!

Unrelated, but cute. I love this summery swaddle from Gigi.

Home with Hazel

Those first few weeks with a newborn are always a bit of a blur! Tyler was able to be home with me for almost 2 full weeks. which was a huge blessing. Our moms helped a ton too, and the ward brought in meals after Tyler went back to work. Luckily Max's last day of preschool was the day Hazel was born, and Millie didn't have too long left in school either. We were able to take it easy and enjoy this sweet girl. These aren't in order but they're here and that's a win!

So very sleepy and sweet! This stage is so beautiful and hard and there's just nothing like it.

This was the first time Harvey held her. It took him several days to want to hold her, but he's a very sweet and loving big brother!

Sometimes Harvey wanted to be close to me too, so nursing became a multi-tasking event.

I decided to use the blanket I crocheted for Hazel for monthly pictures. These were at about a week old. And thanks to Gigi for all the adorable bows! 

Speaking of bows, Max was kind of my bow police. I wasn't a big bow pusher with Millie (and we just didn't have many) and it's honestly not the first thing I think of or the most important thing to me. But Max would love to make sure Hazel was wearing a bow and if not, he would pick one that either matched her swaddle or her outfit.

Love this little half grin!

Matching Gigi!

Pizza picnic on the trampoline.

Heading out on the town. Millie wore this outfit as a baby and I love it.

We went to Monka and Umpa's house on Memorial Day and had lunch and swam. Millie got to whip the cream and she looked so grown up and proud of herself.

Hazel's and my view from the shade.

I called her Hazel Houdini sometimes because I would randomly find her arm out of not only her swaddle, but out of her outfit!

Venturing out to the library on one of Dad's last days at home with us. It didn't take long for me to want to get out of the house.

On a walk around the neighborhood. We started with small walks, just around the block, working up to around our loop and then all the way to the park. My favorite baby item this time around has been a battery operated fan that clips to the stroller. 

Monka brought the kids some Fun Dips and they loved turning their tongues different colors.

Just a moment I never wanted to forget.

I think this picture was actually from one of Max's last days of preschool! Cute boys.

A happy, fearless fish.

First time wearing Hazel in the wrap. We haven't used it as much this time around. I don't think Hazel loves it and to be honest, it's just too hot for me to enjoy it either!

We got this trampoline the weekend before Hazel was born and it was so great to be able to let the kids go in the backyard and have something fun to do without me there. But sometimes I got to have fun spraying them too.

2-week checkup. As Umpa would say, she's happy, healthy, and terrific!