Thursday, May 26, 2011

In and then out

Now that we're pretty settled in, we are going to be packing up and heading out! Good thing we found a place for everything, just to take stuff out of its place and put it in the car. But we are so excited to be in Houston, so it's all worth it. We're also taking our camping gear because we're stopping in Moab for the weekend with Austin and Giselle! That will be tons of fun. Our plan is to hike a bit, play tennis a bit, and even go jeeping (is that how you say that?), which I've never done. Austin calls it "the 2 mph ride that's more thrilling than sky-diving" so I'm thinkin' it'll be awesome. We played 3 sets of tennis with them last night... 3 SETS, the last of which ended in a tie-breaker! Let's just say we were all exhausted by the end. But it was great.

There's not really much going on besides leaving... it's weird the things you have to think about when you're leaving your house for 2+ months. Tomorrow morning I'll be throwing out all the food that would go bad in that time period, and making sure there's nothing lying around that would leave us with a nasty "welcome home" stench. If you'd like some oranges (cuties) or milk or strawberry jam, there's no way we'll be able to finish it by the time we leave, so come and get it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

A little TLC never hurt anyone

We've never had lots of TV channels, but in this new apartment we have more than ever before. There's only one that I really like though- TLC! I've watched a few episodes of Extreme Couponing and it's awesome.

We are only a week-ish away from Houston! Well, the long drive, then Houston. :) But I'm actually looking forward to that! Tyler and I love road trips together. We read books and just talk forever. Once we get there, Tyler will start his internship and I'll start my next online classes. We are just so excited to spend time with our families and have some warm weather! I've had enough of this cold rain.

Not much goin' on here other than that. Just need to say that Tyler is the best- I'm so grateful for an understanding husband who is so sweet to take care of me when I'm not feeling well!

Monday, May 16, 2011

We are all moved out! Now the project is getting everything organized in the new place. We just love it so much though! So this is the fun part for us. We ran the dishwasher for the first time with our dishes in it the other day... such a beautiful sound! :)

I have been all about garlic and pasta lately... I'm trying this recipe tonight along with these, and I'm pretty sure it'll be delicious. I'm watching Fabulous Cakes as I work on organizing our movies and books- I love cake shows! They are so impressive. There's no way I could ever make cakes like that, but it's sure fun to watch! Makes me want to eat cake too.

Pictures of the new place to come... we love it!! I think I'll go find some more dishes to wash.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy happy birthday, Tyler dear!

Today is Tyler's birthday!! Hooray! Our Primary sang to him, and they inserted the word "teacher" instead of "children." It was pretty funny. Even though he's 24, my hubby's a kid at heart! :)

24 reasons I love him on his 24th birthday:

1. insane good looks
2. he always sings, but never the right lyrics (his are way better)
3. he works so hard and is always doing something productive
4. he is super-strong, especially his legs
5. always has a good answer for everything
6. great laugh, especially when something funny happens unexpectedly
7. his first question whenever I drop something is, "Are you okay?" So much better than "What did you break?" :)
8. in the mornings when he's tired, he will brush his teeth while he's in the shower
9. he runs super-fast
10. he loves Cool Ranch Doritos just as much as me
11. he will eat anything I make and claims to love it even if it's nasty
12. he pushes me to do new and challenging things
13. he has great taste in home decor and actually wants a say in the things I put up
14. he is way better than I am at tennis (I only really love this when we're on the same team)
15. he loves his family
16. he's really good at responding with the right commend even when he's not listening :)
17. he gets really cuddly and lovey-dovey when he's half asleep
18. he rarely complains about the chick flicks I choose for us to watch
19. he is a gentleman
20. he is a great older brother and will be an amazing dad
21. except for on the basketball court, he lets me call him any cheesy pet name I want
22. he's always trying to be better
23. he is competitive but respectful
24. he loves me

Happy Birthday my love! Can't wait til you're 100 years old so I'm not so limited by listing just 24 reasons to love you. The plan for celebrating: PF Chang's (thanks to Tyler's parents for giving us a gift card), brownies and ice cream, and a movie. Probably not a chick flick tonight, since it is his birthday, not mine.
This was the sign I made him for his birthday 2 years ago. He doesn't say birth day, so the typo was planned :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Good: talking to our two favorite missionaries on Sunday! Heidi and Jeff are both doing so great, and it made our day to talk with them.
Bad: we only got to talk for one hour. Booo.

Good: it rained all day yesterday! Not typical for Utah- reminded me of Houston and made me excited to go home.
Bad: we happened to be moving a lot of our stuff yesterday. In the rain.

Good: found an awesome ice cream cake recipe I'd like to try for Tyler's birthday- it's tomorrow!
Bad: since Tyler's not a big party person, we'll be forced to eat it all by ourselves. Oh darn. :)

Good: we moved lots of stuff over to the new place yesterday, including clothes!
Bad: we moved lots (but not all) of our stuff over to the new place yesterday, including clothes!
Ugly: my outfit today, thanks to our efficiency yesterday and my forgetting to bring clothes back with me for today! Luckily there was a (not matching) skirt and a shirt in my "needs mending" pile- hopefully no one has noticed that's where I grabbed them from!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We've got lots happening at our place right now... couldn't even think of a comprehensive title to describe it all. I am almost done with my first Independent Study class! I'm just waiting for my instructor to grade some assignments and then I can take the final. I've loved learning about the current leaders of the Church... they're all just amazing!

We're also in the process of moving. Very slowly, but surely. Most of what we're doing right now is cleaning the new place in preparation for new carpet and paint coming in this weekend and next week. So exciting! We love the apartment we're moving to, and are excited to have a little more space (and a DISHWASHER)!

The car is finally totally done being fixed. After we got it back on Friday, we noticed a few things they had neglected or not completely finished. So I spent 3 hours with the good folks at Martin's Collision while they fixed the little scratches and rattles. It's so nice to have our own car! That was a long month of rental cars... not cool. We're glad to be back to normal, whatever that is. :)

Countdown to Houston: 28 days. YESSSSSS

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May day! May day!

Can't believe it's already May. Mostly because we still have snow here, but April did go by quickly. Yesterday was a funny day. We didn't really have lots to do! There was lots of stuff we could do if we were feeling super motivated and awesome, but it just wasn't that kind of day. On our way to the grocery store, I blurted out "We should go to Ikea!" So instead of turning left, we turned right and went up to Ikea. We wandered around for a couple of hours just imagining and planning and having fun. We found our dream kitchen and can't wait to build our own house and use those ideas! It was a blast. Then in the afternoon we were at a loss again, so we walked around the mall and window-shopped for a while. It was great just to be together.

One of my best friends has returned from Arizona! Aubrey and her husband went there for his internship during this last semester, and they got back about a week ago. We went over and Tuesday night to drop off some cookies and of course ended up staying for 2 hours catching up. Then last night Tyler played tennis with Adam and I hung out with Aubrey. We are so glad they are back!! I'm looking forward to doing road races with Aubrey again- that girl whips me into shape.
On second thought, maybe we'll wait to do the races until the snow leaves. That's a good compromise.