Thursday, June 26, 2014

More swimming

It's our favorite thing to do these days. Max has yet to really get in because he tends to sleep through the whole thing every time, but Millie loves every minute! And I love how well she sleeps after a swim. Sometimes we go twice in a day, just because we can.

Charlee and Delilah came with us to our pool one day. Delilah's favorite part was the gate, but we did manage to get her and Millie to swim together! They loved the slides too.

The pics below are from an evening swim with Daddy. Those are the best!

Zube Park {again!}

We put this on our summer bucket list, but should have waited for fall or next spring. It was HOT. I'm sure being large and pregnant in these hot summer months would be miserable, but I think having to hold a little baby outside is pretty miserably hot too! Luckily a nice cloud came as we got on the train and it went fast enough that there was a breeze.

Charlotte, Ben, and their 3 cute kiddos joined us this time. We love that they live in Houston and we can see them more! 

You can kind of see all of us!

Thanks to Tyler for taking pics for us. I did not take one! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Little things

Making a small batch of strawberry jam late one night
Totally forgot these muffins were in the oven. Sad day.
A picture we sent Daddy one afternoon
This girl really likes the fountain at the outlet mall 
A little snuggle after feeding Max during our family Father's Day party
What I found after Max's first night in his crib (in his own room!)
Millie played with these potty rewards all day. Literally. 
It's like he knows this kind of attire usually comes with candy. His fault for growing into it too quickly!

One cyst lighter

I've had a little cyst growing in my hand for a few years. It would bother me whenever I gripped something hard- steering wheel, lawn mower, etc. and it grew every once in a while. We met our insurance deductible with Max's birth, so I finally had it removed last week! It ended up being a little bit more intense of a process than we anticipated, but I'm glad it's gone. I now have one growing in the exact same spot in my other hand, so maybe after the next baby I'll have it removed too! 

Tyler snapped this really attractive picture of me before I went in for surgery. They put me under for it! I couldn't believe that- they keep you awake to surgically remove a baby, but put you to sleep for a cyst the size of 3 peas. Go figure.

 Millie was very weirded out by my appearance and being hooked up to all those machines.

I got a nice nap out of it! It was annoying to have to pump and dump for the next 24 hours and to not get my hand wet, but I didn't have much pain at all.

I wore the bandage for 2ish days (they said 3 but I couldn't take it anymore!) and below is what I found when I took it off. Sorry for the blood. The dots above the incision were what the doctor thought he was going to do. I'm sure glad he only made the one line instead of the V like he intended! My hand was pretty bruised too.

I had the stitches out yesterday and am doing some little exercises to make sure the nerves and tendons running through there don't get pushed around by scar tissue. It's a little tight but doesn't hurt. So glad to have the cyst gone!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 on 10: June 2014

1. Well, I am so dumb. I went to Wal-Mart and loaded up a cart of groceries/who-knows-what-else, get to the end of the checking out process, and realize my wallet is not with me. Luckily, my neighbor/guardian angel Sharon just so happened to be there at the same time! She paid for my groceries and totally saved the day. As if that wasn't enough, I went to the bank later to get cash to pay Sharon back and left my phone at home! If it's not one thing, it's another. Also, this was on Monday the 9th. I'm cheating.

2. I laughed so hard when Millie's pretend meal was pretty much the same as what she would pick for every meal if she had her way: a chocolate donut, grapes, and juice.

3. A little light reading in her new favorite spot. I need to get her a bean bag or something! Thanks Monka for her Pinkalicious book. It is seriously her favorite thing right now.

4. We went for a run along the green belt. It truly is a green belt right now, thanks to all the rain we've had! Millie loves our runs. She is a great coach-- "Go fast, Mommy!" or "Let's just go slow, Mommy." The latter I am always happy to hear.

5. Adult swim is the worst kind of torture for kids. She loved the other pool in our neighborhood! We'd never been before, but we'll definitely go back.

6. It's a good thing I got him all dressed up in his adorable swimsuit and sunscreened up so he could... sleep in the stroller the whole time we were there. It was actually really nice of him.

7. Just chillin'.

8. I am really having a hard time thinking of anything to make for dinner beside Mexican food! We just love it so much. The closed face, whatever-I-had-already version of this recipe was really yummy! It may replace our regular black bean quesadillas. Jury's still out on that.

9. Millie was in an especially hyper mode and Max was sleeping. She was singing really loudly and we looked over at Max to find his hands up as if to say "STOP."

10. We have been entering our meals into myfitnesspal lately. It is helpful to see what we need more/less of in our diet. 

A Saturday night swim

Tyler had never been to our neighborhood pool before last week! We went on Saturday night and Millie showed him the ropes. She is a little less afraid in the water now! I hoped Daddy could help her out and he did. Millie went down the slide several times and would swim without holding on to us a little bit. It was a fun night together!

Some pictures of our kids, just because

There is at least one part of every picture of these two that is blurry. To quote one of my favorite movies, "There just aint no way 'round it!"

Above: both smiling, but of course completely blurry. Below: Possibly my favorite picture of Max so far. I think it'd make a great "caption this" picture!

Oh I love them.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Cousin time

We had Steph and her kiddos visit us last week! Steph was in Dallas with Andrew's family so we watched her kids from Sunday evening to Monday evening. Mom and Dad brought them (and Sarah!) down from their place and we all had dinner together. After dinner we walked to the park and got caught in some crazy rain! The kids loved playing in the rain. They were soaked to the bone and had a great time.

Popcorn, blankets, and a movie were a nice way to dry off and relax.

 Monday Sarah and I painted the kids' nails (boys too! Sorry Andrew) and went to the splash pad. Millie finally learned to like the splash pad, thanks to her cousins showing her how cool it is!

Steph joined us Monday evening. On Tuesday we went to Memorial City Mall so Eva could go to the American Girl store! We also had to show them some Texas exclusives- Berry Hill and Bahama Bucks.  Dad joined us for dinner and took Sarah home. Steph and I stayed up until 2am talking that night! It was so fun.

Watching the zamboni

Wednesday we had a lazy morning. We took a Whataburger (another Texas exclusive!) picnic to the park and let the kids get wet in another splash pad before the Webbs took off. 

Ever since they came, Millie has been asking "Where my cousins?" We miss you already Steph, Eva, Leighton, and Dean! Come back soon!