Monday, June 9, 2014

Cousin time

We had Steph and her kiddos visit us last week! Steph was in Dallas with Andrew's family so we watched her kids from Sunday evening to Monday evening. Mom and Dad brought them (and Sarah!) down from their place and we all had dinner together. After dinner we walked to the park and got caught in some crazy rain! The kids loved playing in the rain. They were soaked to the bone and had a great time.

Popcorn, blankets, and a movie were a nice way to dry off and relax.

 Monday Sarah and I painted the kids' nails (boys too! Sorry Andrew) and went to the splash pad. Millie finally learned to like the splash pad, thanks to her cousins showing her how cool it is!

Steph joined us Monday evening. On Tuesday we went to Memorial City Mall so Eva could go to the American Girl store! We also had to show them some Texas exclusives- Berry Hill and Bahama Bucks.  Dad joined us for dinner and took Sarah home. Steph and I stayed up until 2am talking that night! It was so fun.

Watching the zamboni

Wednesday we had a lazy morning. We took a Whataburger (another Texas exclusive!) picnic to the park and let the kids get wet in another splash pad before the Webbs took off. 

Ever since they came, Millie has been asking "Where my cousins?" We miss you already Steph, Eva, Leighton, and Dean! Come back soon!

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Lindsay said...

What a fun party! You guys are great hosts Cam! So glad you have a stopping point for everyone that comes to Houston :). Wish we could have joined! Those splash pads are like the epitome of summer!