Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A week off

Tyler has a bunch of paternity leave/vacation he has to use sooner than later so he doesn't lose it, so he's taking it in a few chunks over the summer! He took all of last week off and we had lots of fun. Monday was Memorial Day, which I already posted about. Tuesday morning we went to Max's doctor appointment, which I also already posted about! We spent the rest of Tuesday at home getting little things done. We also got some repairs done on my car- the battery died on Saturday! It was raining and kind of cold so it put a damper on some of our original plans. Oh well. 

Wednesday morning we went to Tyler's doctor appointment (no more ingrown toenail!) and then visited Poppy at his office. He took us to Freebirds for lunch! YUM. We took Poppy back to work and then went to the Memorial City Mall for a bit. I went to YW's that night and Tyler stayed home with the kids.

Stretching out in a dressing room
Millie loves to "see the family with the doggie" in Old Navy

Thursday morning Tyler went downtown for a meeting and I had a YW meeting. After coming home and eating lunch we went to Gigi's and had the first swim of the year! The water was freezing thanks to all the rain we had on Monday and Tuesday, but it was so fun. Millie was nervous but will hopefully be back to her crazy, jumping-off-the-diving-board self in no time. Thursday evening we went to the Children's Museum with Nathan, Charlee, and Delilah! More on that later.

So happy James and Heidi are back from Europe!

Friday morning we tested out the new donut shop in the strip across the street from our neighborhood. They were okay, but we'll stick with Shipley's in the future. We sure had fun eating them at the park though!  Well, you know, until Max pooped all over himself and me. He and I walked home and each got a bath. After we were all cleaned up and ready we picked up Heidi and ran to Kohl's and Sam's Club for a few things, including lunch! Once we were done with our errands we were all pretty pooped. We came home and watched The Jungle Book.

Not really sure why....

Saturday we spent a good portion of the day organizing. Tyler and I each went through our closets and donated clothes that we don't wear anymore to Goodwill and I finally put away all the clothes that are too small for Max. Which is most of them. We also crossed off another item on the summer bucket list- Bahama Bucks! Both the kids fell asleep in the car so we enjoyed the whole snow cone to ourselves and drove around a neighborhood where we looked at a few houses back when we were house hunting. It was a fun and random little adventure. The snow cone was amazing. Bahama Rama Mama all the way for me (cream on top and Blue Bell on bottom), but Tyler's just a cream on top guy. We got a punch card started there and you'd better believe we'll fill it up fast!

Strawberry daquiri BRM. YUM.
So, I'd say it was a pretty awesome week together!! We are already counting down to Tyler's next vacation at the end of June.


Katie said...

Looks like a blast. Also, I'm very jealous of that play area you have at your mall. Looks really neat!

Kimberly said...

That snow cone sounds amazing! I'm finally catching up on your blog. :) Seems like you're handling 2 kids like a champ! They're so dang cute.