Wednesday, June 11, 2014

10 on 10: June 2014

1. Well, I am so dumb. I went to Wal-Mart and loaded up a cart of groceries/who-knows-what-else, get to the end of the checking out process, and realize my wallet is not with me. Luckily, my neighbor/guardian angel Sharon just so happened to be there at the same time! She paid for my groceries and totally saved the day. As if that wasn't enough, I went to the bank later to get cash to pay Sharon back and left my phone at home! If it's not one thing, it's another. Also, this was on Monday the 9th. I'm cheating.

2. I laughed so hard when Millie's pretend meal was pretty much the same as what she would pick for every meal if she had her way: a chocolate donut, grapes, and juice.

3. A little light reading in her new favorite spot. I need to get her a bean bag or something! Thanks Monka for her Pinkalicious book. It is seriously her favorite thing right now.

4. We went for a run along the green belt. It truly is a green belt right now, thanks to all the rain we've had! Millie loves our runs. She is a great coach-- "Go fast, Mommy!" or "Let's just go slow, Mommy." The latter I am always happy to hear.

5. Adult swim is the worst kind of torture for kids. She loved the other pool in our neighborhood! We'd never been before, but we'll definitely go back.

6. It's a good thing I got him all dressed up in his adorable swimsuit and sunscreened up so he could... sleep in the stroller the whole time we were there. It was actually really nice of him.

7. Just chillin'.

8. I am really having a hard time thinking of anything to make for dinner beside Mexican food! We just love it so much. The closed face, whatever-I-had-already version of this recipe was really yummy! It may replace our regular black bean quesadillas. Jury's still out on that.

9. Millie was in an especially hyper mode and Max was sleeping. She was singing really loudly and we looked over at Max to find his hands up as if to say "STOP."

10. We have been entering our meals into myfitnesspal lately. It is helpful to see what we need more/less of in our diet. 

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