Monday, June 9, 2014

Houston Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum on Thursday evening, which is the free night there. It was pretty crowded, but apparently not as bad as it usually is! Good thing we went before school let out for the summer. We loved going with Nathan, Charlee, and Delilah!

Millie brought fruit snacks for both herself and Delilah. A must-have.

We neglected to get a picture of all of us together- this is as close as it gets when you're all trying to get somewhere in one piece with kids, I guess.

The museum has a little city called "Kidtropolis" where you can shop at the grocery store, "eat" at a restaurant, see the police station, go to the ATM, pretty much anything you can do in a city they have a play version of there. It was really cute.

There was a cute little outside area with cars and scooters and road signs. 

You feel old when these toys you played with as a kid are literally in a museum!

Can you spot me and Max?

We had a great time at the museum!

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