Sunday, March 11, 2018

All in a week's work

Monday: 15-month checkup for Harvey. HOW IS THIS BOY SO CUTE??

Waited a ridiculous amount of time. I always try to schedule appointments for the very first of the day before they have time to get behind schedule, but still somehow it happened. Good thing the boys were nicely distracted by the fun stuff happening outside.

Library run. Max discovered a way to hold his books and buckle himself in at the same time.

Soccer practice for Max. He bonded with a little boy who has the same ball as him.

Millie wrote me a note: "To Mom. You are the (2) best. I love you for 100 heart. I mean it. I really do. I am not kidding." She did cross out the 2, but truly Dad is her #1. So I'm second best. This girl makes me laugh so hard. I can't even take offense, as Tyler is my #1 also. It's totally understandable.

Tuesday: Millie earned a stuffed animal pass and was so excited to take "Rea" to school with her.

Got to see Charlee and kids, Hannah Park and kids, Heidi and Wes, Janet, and Gigi after preschool that day. So fun to catch up with everyone while Hannah was in town. The kids had fun playing together too.

Wednesday: Got caught in a torrential downpour while on a walk with the boys. Luckily I did have my umbrella with me so they weren't drenched, but I was. Had to wash my hair again and everything. It kinda knocked the wind out of me for the rest of the day as far as productivity. Never did quite warm up from the cold rain and just wanted to relax. Max was happy to make silly faces with me for a while.

Millie had soccer that night and it was freezing and muddy. Joyous.

Thursday: Max is finally fully potty trained and has the Dinotrux to prove it! He loves to line them up in the order he got them.

Harvey learned to climb onto the chairs and therefore the table. And to find his belly button. I can't keep up with this kid!

Millie has gymnastics Thursday nights. These evening activities are tricky. Usually interrupting dinner, on the cusp of Harvey's bedtime, etc. Makes things a little stressful sometimes.

Friday: Rodeo day at school for Millie. She said she felt silly without a hat but she'd go anyway.

I love the new weights I got for my birthday! They're adjustable and save SO much space. No more stacking 2 dumbbells on top of each other to get the weight I want! 

Harvey loves to brush his teeth, with whatever toothbrush he can find.

A beautiful afternoon called for a trip to the park.

The kids love dinosaurs and want to be paleontologists lately. They've found lots of dinosaur bones in our front landscaping. 

Convinced she's found a velociraptor tooth.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Weekend adventures

This particular weekend started off with a bang when my mom came over and helped me paint Harvey's room! Goodbye, pink argyle. We liked the pink room when we looked at/first bought the house, but as I tried to decorate it a little I found it an impossible shade of pink. So I've wanted to paint it for a long time. The final straw was when we had to switch up the kids' rooms and Harvey ended up in here. Time for something gender neutral so we can play musical bedrooms anytime! I went with the color that's in the rest of the house. It's a light gray but for some reason looks like a weird sage green in these pics. It did in real life as we were painting too. Yikes. But it dried really nice.

Didn't get a proper before pic, but you can still see the argyle here.

Max was eager to help and pretty darn cute about it.

The finished product! Only took a few hours of actual painting and we had fun doing it. Win win. Max's room is next, someday. Took me 5.5 years to get around to this one so don't hold your breath haha.

Gigi and Poppy gave us the game "Stack Up" and we had fun playing it for our FHE activity. 

Saturday morning we had the kids' first soccer games! Max's was first, at 8am. That was early.

Favorite moment of the game. He wasn't laser focused on that ball I guess. 

Max was such a trooper playing in the rain! He had fun and scored a goal when a coach threw the ball back in a little too far, which rolled right to Max (standing in front of the goal) and he kicked it right in. It was hilarious. He was so excited about the after-game treats.

Gigi, Poppy, Mitchell, and Shayna were so sweet to give up their Saturday morning and come watch the kids play. Max's game was at 8 and Millie's wasn't until 10, so in between we played and visited and walked around. 

Then it was time for Millie's game! It rained off and on during hers too. Those Tigers are tough. This year they're at a different level and are actually playing with goalies, which presents a new challenge. It's awesome.

Max had so much fun playing with Poppy. 

Poor Harvey finally tuckered out about 10 minutes before Millie's game ended.

Such a happy Tiger!

Random but awesome picture of the sky on Sunday. We sure do have a beautiful world. Can you spy the airplane in this pic? I didn't see it when taking it but it's pretty funny!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Valentine's Day fun

The kids had lots of fun with Valentine's Day this year. Millie worked on her handmade cards for a while before the day. It was so cute. We did look at the boxes of valentines at the store and Millie didn't think they were pretty enough haha. So she made these beautiful cards with glitter glue hearts and a peppermint patty. Every card said pretty much the same thing. ("So they're equal, Mom.")

We had our preschool celebration the day before. Max and his friends had fun passing out valentines to each other and decorating/eating sugar cookies.

I took the leftover cookies to my visiting teaching sisters. For being semi-adamant about only making sugar cookies twice a year, I have a hard time not buying cute cookie cutters when I see them! The LOVE letters were new this year. Unfortunately, on our way to deliver them I had to brake harder than the cookies could handle. I had a couple of cookies fly around and get frosting in some strange places. Luckily I was able to deliver 2/3 plates.

Had a little moment I wanted to remember. When we got back from delivering cookies Gigi was there to see us! We were happy to see her but I was mortified that she saw the state of my house. It was atrocious. I looked around after she left and just felt so embarrassed! I started to angrily clean but then looked around again and had a different thought. Just that day, this messy room had been the place for preschool prep and staging, meal making, eating, cookie decorating, valentine making/drying, dancing, and playing. While I do want to be better about tidying as I go to keep things under control, I felt in that moment it was important to be thankful for a room and house that works to fill all these roles we need it to fill. We are so blessed.

These pics were from actual Valentine's Day. So thankful for these little loves, and of course Tyler!

Millie was so excited to come home and show us all her loot from the class party.

10 on 10: February 2018

1. A rainy, foggy morning drive to Monka and Umpa's house.

2. I got to listen to Steph speak at my parent's stake's Relief Society activity! She was amazing. Thanks to Andrew for watching Millie and Max while I went.

3. Lunch at Hopdoddy. I always get a little nervous recommending food places to people, but my last few recommendations to the Webbs and my parents have been successes, Hopdoddy included! Score.

4. I took a brief pause from basically drinking their chili con queso for this picture. Only part kidding. And apparently Millie was cold??

5-8. The kids took to the stairs. Harvey to practice going up and down, the older kids to slide things down the side planks. We adults watched the Olympics.

9 and 10. We had to get outside, even if it was raining a little still. I was sure grateful for the rain because that meant the kids' soccer games were cancelled and we were able to get up in time for me to hear Steph speak. The kids loved playing in the rainy alley with Uncle Tim, even if they did have to get on the roof a few times to fetch balls and frisbees. Or maybe that was the part they enjoyed? A fun day either way.