Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review: The Reading Promise

This is the first book I've finished so far this year, as part of my resolution to read 24 books in 2013. I am so glad I started with this book! Many thanks to my mother-in-law Gretchen for recommending and lending it to me. 

This book is about a girl whose father read to her every night for a long time. Literally for thousands of nights! Pretty amazing. Her life experiences are shaped by the books they read together and her imagination is awesome, making the book really funny sometimes. I loved thinking about Millie during this book and hoping she has a mind like Alice and that she loves to read! It has a list of the books they read in the back- I wrote some down so I can remember to read them to Millie someday. This book was awesome!

Blogging about blogging

I've been thinking a bit about this blog lately. There are SO many blogs out there on the interwebs and there are times I wish I stood out more, had more awesomeness to share, etc. But then I start to think about what it would take for me to have a zillion followers and I just get tired. And that's when I realize that I don't really care about having a zillion followers... that's not even what I want. I don't want to write for anyone else- this corner of the web is for me to express myself and document our family's life. Nothing more, and nothing less.

So what can you expect from this blog in the future?

Nothing different from the past, peeps. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Takin' crackers from a baby

Today I put Millie in her high chair for a snack. I gave her some graham crackers and went about my business, cleaning the kitchen while she ate. But then, those crackers started to look real good! So I sat down with her and we had some crackers together. I even poured myself a little glass of milk to dip them in {which is big, because I don't like or drink milk}. Millie looked more and more concerned as she watched me eat, sometimes even pointing and making some unintelligible string of noises {probably protesting my eating HER crackers, by the look on her face}. I knew we had more crackers in the pantry, so I happily finished off the rest of the pack.

But when I went to the pantry to get her some more, there were none. Whoops! Fat kid moment from the mom- my bad. Think she'll forgive me??

a blurry cheeser

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I spoke too soon

The universe must have read my last post.

Not that we are having bad days now, but things are certainly changing. Tyler's hours are late {still busy season, so that's to be expected}. What I didn't expect was Millie turning two! 

Not in years, of course, but in attitude. All of a sudden, my sweet, calm, go-with-the-flow baby is gone! This new girl knows what she wants and will not give up until she gets it. {Gee, I have no idea where she gets her stubbornness....} 6 months ago, it was one thing to let her cry it out. Now she's much harder to tire out. Plus, she's so much louder now. Hopefully it's just a phase! I guess it's time to bust out those parenting books I've been avoiding.

I feel like I've done pretty well so far as a mom. Mostly because my job has mostly consisted of fulfilling needs, and I could anticipate what those were. But now Millie needs a mom who knows how to actually parent! Here we go.

Also, here is a completely unrelated photo. Loving the family pictures Gilgen Photography took for us over Christmas!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good days

Lots of reading happening here
I just really like days like the ones we've had lately. Days when Millie is happy and busy doing all the really important stuff babies do and I get to do all the stuff I need to do. Days when Tyler comes home a little earlier than expected {which is still after 9 but hello, it's busy season y'all} and we get to catch up on our shows together. Days that are dark and wet so we stay inside. But when we do go out {like Millie and I did today} we get soaked in the pouring rain, which is okay because Millie thinks it's hilarious running through the Wal-Mart parking lot with the shopping cart, and then we get to snuggle at home to get warm. 

There are more times than I care to admit when I think of all the things I can't wait to do or have or see, but I'm trying to be better about enjoying all the things I am doing and having and seeing. I think that's important, and it's way more fun!

So here's to good days. And to appreciating them for what they are.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Millie's 1st Birthday!

Warning: Lots of pictures of Millie comin' your way. I'm actually kicking myself for not getting a picture of all of us together on her birthday, but oh well. That girl knows how to be the center of my attention I guess.

Millie turned a year old yesterday! She had a great day. I couldn't stop looking at her and kissing her all day long, just thinking about how much she's changed. It was like I was seeing her a year ago all day long, which made me decide it's all gone by too quickly. We love this little girl more than words can say.

Millie started her birthday off with some relaxation! Normally when I go to get her in the mornings, she's standing or sitting up and playing peek-a-boo with her blanket or inspecting her binky or something. But that morning she just lay there, probably thinking really deep 1-year-old thoughts.

After church, I just had to take some pictures of her in her pretty dress. This is what she wore to Heidi and James' wedding too! She was one beautiful birthday girl.

She posed herself... What a diva!
Millie loves playing the piano

Where are Mommy's eyes?

It was her party, she could cry if she wanted to.
 Millie was given lots of gifts from Poppy, Gigi, and Uncle AJ. We were going to wait for Tyler to get home for her to dive in, but I guess she couldn't wait. She walked right over to the bag and opened her stroller all by herself!

 So after eating dinner, we decided we'd better let her open up the rest of her presents.

After presents, we skyped with my family in Lufkin. They sang her Happy Birthday and Millie loved it! Then it was time for cake. Anticipating a huge mess, I took off her clothes. Turns out that wasn't necessary. Maybe it was because we were all watching her and she had 3 cameras pointed at her, but she didn't want anything to do with the cupcake!

Once Daddy broke it up into smaller pieces, I guess it was less intimidating.

Here are some facts about Millie at 1 year:

-She is walking all over now, and is starting to realize that it's better than crawling. It is so fun to watch her walk around- she smiles so big and seems so proud of herself.

-Whenever I'm eating something {especially when I'm not sitting down at the table} she crawls or walks up to me, spits out her binky, and smacks her lips like she's really excited to take a bite. I should probably start snacking on healthier things, if only for her sake! But when we're at the table, she's more picky and only wants her baby food.

-Millie loves books, but she gets pretty impatient to turn the page. It's more speedreading than anything.

-If you ask her what any animal says, she barks. Her time with Teddy left a lasting impression!

-She still loves phones and remote controls and all things technology. She is her daddy's girl, that's for sure.

-Millie does everything with 2 fingers. Even if it's not the most efficient, she very carefully picks everything up with her thumb and pointer fingers. Her little pinchers are dainty and adorable!

Happy Birthday Millie Mae!! We love you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 summary

We have had some pretty great years, but Tyler and I both agree that this was one of the best yet! So much happened in our lives this year. 

January: Of course, Millie's birth. We were so excited to become parents and to meet Millie Mae. Tyler started his last semester of school and worked, and I worked on my last online classes. We loved having both of our moms stay with us and help when Millie was first born.

February: Heidi came to live with us! We loved spending that time with her after her mission. Millie started rolling over, and I finished my online classes.

March: Millie's blessing day! We enjoyed the warmish weather and got lots of use out of our jogging stroller.

April: Finals for Tyler, graduation!!

May: We moved down to Houston! We began our summer with the Juergens, celebrated my first Mother's Day, Tyler started studying for the CPA exam, and Millie went swimming for the first time.

June: random house-hunting, CPA studying, and Tyler's first Father's Day.

July: The Terry's came to visit! We loved seeing them. Tyler continued studying, and we continued looking for a house.

August: Millie and I went to Utah for Jeff and Kerri's wedding, Tyler finished the CPA exams (!!!), and he started his new job. 

September: Tyler had his first business trip, Millie had her first swing, and we found our first house!

October: Tyler had another business trip, Millie and I went to Lufkin while he was gone, we took family pictures, and we moved into our house!

November: We settled into our house, ward, etc. We had a great Thanksgiving with the Juergens!

December: A crazy month. Lots of holiday parties and weddings to attend. We had fun decorating our house and celebrating Christmas in Lufkin with the Andersens. Heidi and James got married at the end of the month, and we had a great weekend celebrating with them!

 That's our 2012 at a glance. A pretty good year, eh? We think 2013 will be fantastic as well! Happy New Year!!