Saturday, April 22, 2017

Easter Sunday

I wanted some pictures of the kids before church on Easter. Tyler took these cute pics on his phone and I love them! Having my kids match/coordinate is my favorite. I didn't understand why my mom loved it so much growing up but I totally get it now. 

This might be my favorite picture of all time. I love these kids so much.

Church was great. We enjoyed some wonderful talks. Tyler is super dad, as evidenced below.

We had a low key afternoon and evening which was so nice after the craziness of the day before. Sharon was so nice to put on an egg hunt for some of our neighbors but it ended up just being her kids and ours. They had a fun time.

We had tortellini casserole for dinner and Tyler snapped this pic. I was at the table feeding Harvey and trying to get the big kids to eat... meals are long at our house.

Once they finally ate they got to have some of their Easter candy. It's always amazing to me how kids get it all over them. How?? I'll never know.

We are so grateful to our Savior for his life, example, and loving sacrifice for all of us! We know He lives!

Easter weekend

The weekend of Easter was jam packed full of fun! On Friday we met up with Monka, Umpa, and the Webbs for dinner at Lupe Tortilla. It was yummy and the kids loved playing in the sandbox outside.

Saturday was crazy busy. We first went to our ward Easter breakfast and egg hunt.

From there we went straight to Millie's soccer game! Nana, Botz, and Poppy were so sweet to come watch. It was by far the hottest game of the season.

We went straight from soccer to Monka and Umpa's house for lunch and another egg hunt with the Andersen crew! Harvey got a nap on the way there but didn't let go of his feet. Never let go, Harvey.

The Allsops, Webbs, and Westons were all there and we had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.

The courtyard at their complex was perfect for hiding Easter eggs!

It was a really nice day so we stayed outside and chatted for a while. Eventually the big kids and men played soccer and some of the moms took the babies inside.

Monka gave all the kids a squirt gun and Max was super excited about it!

It was a fun day with them. We came home and got things ready for the next day after putting the kids to bed. I tried to hurry and make a skirt for myself but it just wasn't in the cards. I laughed when I sewed the waistband on completely wrong. I did fix it but still had too many things to fix for me to finish in time for Sunday.

This post is too long to put Sunday on here too!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Potty talk, Max edition

*Millie edition back HERE

Max is a big boy now! We waited a bit longer to potty train him because he refused for a while. I talked it up and told him that when he's 3 and potty trained he can maybe do gymnastics or swimming like Millie does. Between that and some cool Lightning McQueen underwear we were finally in business!

The first two days were ROUGH. Zero success on the potty, just accidents everywhere. It was so stressful. We would try and try and then I'd stop to nurse Harvey and of course that's when he'd absolutely need to go. But finally at the end of day 2 he did it! Max chose jelly beans as a treat for #1 and Oreos for #2. We printed off a chart to fill with stickers and when he filled up the first one he got to pick something from the dollar store.

Lots of toy/puzzle time while we were stuck at home.

The hardest part for sure was staying home. Things just kept coming up that we had to leave the house for and I was never sure how to handle it - put a diaper back on, a pull-up, or just deal with accidents while we're out and about, etc. We spent all of soccer practice in the van with the froggy potty.

It was just hard for a couple days.

And it made him so tired! He hasn't napped for several months but almost every day for a little while he fell asleep at some point.

We kind of relaxed and put a diaper back on for some big events (zoobilee, the arts festival, etc.) but got back on track the next week. Max was super afraid of the "big potty" because "it has a hole in the bottom." I eventually told him that there are no more diapers. He could make a good choice to use the big potty (regular toilet) and we could start going places or he could make a wrong choice and we're stuck at home because he'll have accidents a lot. That seemed to click a little bit and he'll now use any potty! Hooray!

Our only mountain to climb still is #2. Any suggestions on that are welcome. 

Clay Court Championships date

Tyler and I got to go on a fun date last week to the Men's Clay Court Championships! One of the only things I've put on my bucket list is to play on every type of tennis court. I've played on grass and hard courts and clay is all I've got left! I'd never seen professional tennis in person before so I was super excited. It was such a fun date and I'm pretty sure we're going to go again next year! Harvey was a perfect little stowaway. Millie and Max played with Monka but I forgot to bring milk for Harvey so he came along with us. He was for sure the only baby there (babies don't tend to follow tennis etiquette) and we got some looks, but he never cried! We left when he started to get restless because we were nervous that he would start crying.

It was such a fun night out!