Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend adventures

From the first weekend in March. Playing catch up here!

Millie has been enjoying those recipe videos that are so popular lately. 

King Harvey looking over his kingdom while his subjects eat zucchini bread and yogurt for breakfast.

Monka and Umpa came to Millies soccer game Saturday morning. They also joined us for donuts after Millie scored. From half field. It was hilarious. Millie asked if she could kick off and after her coach said she could she just booted it into the goal!

I put all the kids in the tub together. Definitely a one-time thing because I needed 6 arms for that endeavor!

My mom found this shirt I wore in the hospital after I was born!

Tyler informed me that he had proposed to me 8 years ago that day. So thankful he asked and that we got to build this life and family together.

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