Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A day in Beaumont

We tagged along with Monka on a trip to Beaumont at the end of March. We're soaking up every minute that we can with the Westons before they leave! 

Traditional stop at Buccee's. It's exactly halfway and we all know it's the best.

Kels let me braid her hair.

Harvey got to try Becca's bouncer and loved it.

Max and Kelsey get along so well! 

The kids brought me flowers from outside. So sweet but I had to take a picture and then take them back outside because there were some bugs on them haha.

It was only 72 degrees that day but these crazy kiddos insisted it wasn't cold and that they wanted to swim. They all said (with chattering teeth) how warm and good it felt! They would not admit they were freezing. It was so funny.

A double dose of chunky baby.

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Marissa Anderson said...

Ok that last pic of those babes with your mom!! I'm getting a little baby hungry!!