Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More weekend adventures

The snacks after soccer make the hustle of the game worth it! Max even got some this time (because we supplied them that day).

We went to an outdoor store because they advertised a closing sale and we thought we'd find a good deal. Not so. But these kids had fun anyway.

Another trip to the park and splash pad, this time with Heidi, James, and Wes! We're excited for our splash pad to be fixed so we don't have to go to another neighborhood every time.

Harvey was pretty chill, just laying on me watching the kids play.

I put sponge curlers in Millie's hair while listening to the women's session of General Conference. I have so many memories of my mom putting these in my hair on Saturday nights, so it was fun for me to do that with Millie too!

After taking them out. I need some practice rolling them more evenly, but we'll get there. Millie loved that I didn't have to use "the hot thing" on her hair.

Gigi and Poppy gave us the kids version of Ticket to Ride recently the Millie and Max love playing it with Dad!

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