Friday, April 21, 2017

The in-between

We've had some really busy (and fun!) weekends lately, but some of my favorite moments are in between the big stuff.

Max loves waving to Millie while she's at gymnastics or swimming.

We're in that stage of motherhood where it's kind of a bad idea to wear my hair down or wear jewelry! I don't get postpartum hair loss until my kids start "losing it" for me.

Learning to sit up!

And blowing bubbles. Such a cute and funny age he's at.

It's crazy to think she used to fit in there, and that she's so grown up these days.

I have sooo many pictures of Harvey right before his baths. He's just so squishy and cute!

I feel like Max and Harvey have gotten a lot of my attention lately. While both boys happened to be asleep at the same time, I pulled out some nail polish and we had a little girl time. I also thought it might help her not bite her nails, but it didn't work as well on that front. Sure love this sweet girl.

Finally made good use of our new Costco membership. And finally replaced our vacuum.

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