Thursday, April 20, 2017

Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival 2017

We look forward to the arts festival every year! Millie had a soccer game early in the morning and then we headed up to The Woodlands to meet up with Grammy, Heidi, James, Wes, Uncle Russell, Aunt Pam, and Grey. Our first order of business when we got there was to march Millie straight to the back to go to the bathroom (even though we'd just gone at Grammy's house... gotta love kids) and then go to the Artopoly section for the kids.

The kids were so excited to paint rocks but then we found out this station was for painting a canvas. They were using the rocks to hold stuff down because it was super windy haha. One of the ladies let them paint rocks anyway. So nice.

They were so excited to get their faces painted. Millie requested a sunflower and Max wanted a dinosaur.

Max had a corn dog and fries and then was helping me finish my parmesan truffle fries. I love that this boy is an eater.

After last year's funny experience with the sand dollar rocks, Grammy took the kids back to that same artist and told him the story. All the grandkids got another stone and were pretty excited about it.

After a couple of hours we went back to Grammy's. 

The waterway is beautiful!

Can't wait for next year!

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