Saturday, April 1, 2017

Little things

I loved seeing these bluebonnets in someone's yard when I went for a run a few weeks ago. Spring is beautiful!

Millie and Max love playing the kid version of Ticket to Ride with Dad.

A picture to remember something funny. Millie doesn't love to read but she loves math, so when we're doing school work we have to do reading first, with math as the reward. I asked her to read a certain amount but said if she read quickly and without complaining we could do a little bit less than that. She whined, "But I CAN'T read without complaining!" I couldn't help but laugh.

Not sure what they were looking for under there.

Millie and Max have been really into climbing trees lately. Unfortunately good climbing trees are hard to find and they are a little short for our tree. They sure had fun trying though!

Tyler took Millie to her swim lesson and Millie was so excited. 

Max got to scrub the walls after a little doodling.

He is so cute, sometimes I wish there were 3 of him! Buuuut most of the time one is sufficient. 

Max was invited to his first birthday party! Millie came too and they both had a lot of fun. It was crazy hot but that never seems to bother kids very much!

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