Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Max turns 3!

Max had his 3rd birthday at the end of March! We had a fun day celebrating this happy and lovable boy. We knew he'd be excited to open his presents so that was the first thing he got to do when he woke up.

Millie loves to wrap presents in plain white paper and then draw/color on them. I love it.

Dinosaurs were a hit!

And Harvey dressed to match.

Since it was a Monday and we still had our Monday things to do, the dinosaurs got to come to gymnastics and the grocery store. Max even shared with Millie and her friend. For a minute.

Max's only requests were a cookie cake and to go to the park! Such easy requests. I was really thankful he didn't have a long list of must-dos because Harvey was fussy (teething) and I couldn't have handled much.

It's his party, he can cry if he wants to.

Some things about Max at 3 years old:

- Still obsessed with trains and cars. He has also loved bunnies lately (why?? I don't know), and now dinosaurs since his birthday.

- He's such a great eater. He is good about trying things and almost always likes it. Plus we just like to watch him eat, because it's adorable.

- Max is such a loving little boy. He'll randomly tell Millie that he loves her and he kisses Harvey probably 100 times per day. 

- He is pretty shy and quiet, and has recently started to mumble and whine a lot. But he can quickly turn that frown upside down (when he wants to haha).

- He has a funny talent for remembering people. He'll talk about kids in nursery with him at church and it's so cute.

We love our Max boy so much!

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