Monday, April 3, 2017

Harvey's blessing day

Our sweet Harvey dude was blessed on March 19 in our home. We invited our families to join us, as well as our bishop. It was a great evening! We loved celebrating having Harvey in our family. Tyler gave Harvey a beautiful blessing and we had dinner with everyone afterward. We felt so loved and supported by our families! It was a really special day.

Harvey wore the same outfit as Max and looked super handsome! He was all smiles!

All of the men in the circle: Bishop Crawford, Botz, Poppy, Tyler, Umpa, and Uncle James. And the top of Max's head in the bottom of the pic. Wish I had caught that before everyone left.

Other stuff about Harvey around that time:

He wasn't sleeping very well so I took out the bassinet insert in the pack 'n' play and he seems to like it much better now.

The pic below was taken at his 4 month mark. Such a happy boy!

And a picture to remember the day his first tooth popped up (March 23). Only a week behind his brother and sister! We've got some early teethers.

Just lookin' super handsome in the overalls Gigi got for him.

Teething makes sleep hard all around and some days he just really needs to be held. Solly wrap to the rescue. He likes it less and less these days but I still love it for these fussy times!

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