Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday already?

I feel like the weekends are all so short. Too short. I didn't get to do half of the stuff I wanted to! But I did do some pretty cool stuff...

Thursday night Tyler and I went to a party for his accounting group and another group from their section. The party was at the home of one of his professors, and we had a really good time. We had Subway sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches from Hogi Yogi (wow, they were good-- I didn't know Hogi Yogi did ice cream sandwiches!), and they had a karaoke party going. One of Tyler's group members... I swear he was born to be in a boy-band. It was hilarious to watch him get so into a Backstreet Boys song! Or was it N'Sync? Doesn't matter, it was hilarious. I also had the pleasure of beating Tyler at foosball. Ah, victory. Better luck next time, babe. We both got beat at chess by the professor's son though... how embarrassing. I was pretty confident about chess because that's all I remember learning in the 6th grade at Cherry Hill, but apparently there are smarter people out there. :)

Friday I got to go in to work late. Ah, the beauties of being an hourly worker and only being allowed 40 hrs/week! I had some overtime from not taking lunches during the week, so I spent the morning cleaning, running, and doing the things I'd neglected during the week. That made the 5 hours of work after that so short! It was really nice. I don't remember much about Friday night. I remember picking Tyler up from school late and having dinner at about 9, and then we went to bed right after that. Both of us were completely zonked out! The day-to-day is exhausting sometimes.

Saturday we slept in a bit. I learned how to make one of Tyler's favorite breakfast foods-- "Toad in the Road" and watched him devour it SO fast. It was incredible. We did some cleaning and then I took him to campus around 11:00-- after packing him a PB&J lunch, of course. :) My husband is still a kid at heart. I came home and folded some laundry while chatting with Kim. She came over to use my computer for a bit, so it was fun to see her. It's embarrassing how much I don't see the family that's around! She lives so close. At 1:00 I babysat Gunner, the son of one of my bosses. I loved playing at the park with this adorable kid. He said to me at one point, "Cami, do you have kids?" I told him no, and that I had just gotten married a month ago. He says, "Oh. Well, you should have kids. We're pretty great, you know." I almost died laughing! He was so cute and fun to play with. After taking him back to the office to his dad, I went home, changed, and went up to Salt Lake for the Relief Society Broadcast after dropping off the car to Tyler. I went to the broadcast with Kim, and we had a great time! Because we were a bit late, we got pretty bad seats, but it made for a quick getaway at the end, so that was nice. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting, and it made me want to be a better Relief Society member. I've never been very good at being a real integral part of R.S. but I'll do better. I got home from the broadcast around 8:30 to find two of Tyler's mission buddies there. I love meeting people from Ty's mission! It's so fun. After they left, we went to bed. Pooped!

Sunday was nice-- we drove up the canyon to look at the leaves. I read my scriptures and soaked up the sun while Tyler paced back and forth reading. He was probably smart-- I was getting bothered by so many bugs! We drove back just in time for church. We got a new bishopric and had a baby blessing-- pretty exciting! It was Fast Sunday for our ward, since we have Stake Conference the week after Gen Con. After church, we came home and made lasagna. The rest of the night was pretty chill-- I made cookies and watched "Emma Smith-- My Story" while Tyler did some reading. It was one of those nights where I lay in bed, unable to sleep because my mind was racing with things to do this week.

A co-worker told me today that some of the Oregon school districts are cutting the pay of some teachers, and telling them not to work every other Friday. I know that's a sign of really bad economy, but wouldn't that be so nice? I'd love a 3-day weekend every now and then. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random thoughts

-I have never been a hunter, but I'm not opposed to it. This morning, one of the execs of the company walks in the office with a huge deer horn thing (do they call it a rack?) and sets it down on my desk since he didn't have time to walk it back to his office. I didn't mind at all, until I started looking at it. There's still blood and hair on it! Disgusting.
-Yesterday, I walked into the office and found a black widow behind my desk! What is it with scary/gross things being on and around my desk? Thank goodness that this office is full of guys that can kill all the nasty bugs for me.

-I found another job! I wasn't really looking anymore though... weird story. In my unemployed days, I put my resume up on Craigslist along with applying for every job under the moon. I got a random e-mail last week from a professor at Stevens-Henager College asking me if I would come interview with him. I met with him last Friday and landed a night-time job! The college is trying to come up with some kind of retention program, and I, along with 3 other people, am going to invent one. Their dropout rate is %50, and they want to lower that (understandably!) but they don't have any kind of program in place right now. It'll be 2-3 hours a night, right after I'm done at AMP. It's perfect because the college is literally right down the road from AMP, and it'll give Tyler more efficient study time at the library instead of coming home. I feel bad leaving him on campus for that long everyday, but he assures me that it's more efficient for him to study on campus than at home. Hopefully I'll survive working 12-hr days! That sounds like weak-sauce-- there's tons of people who work way more than 12 hours a day... I need to toughen up.

-Apparently I can't even handle 9 hours a day-- my throat has been hurting! Yesterday my head was pounding at work and I was so dead when I came home. I slept from 10-7 last night, so hopefully a couple more days like that will help me feel better.

-Tonight our Stake is having a blood drive, and I am so excited! I'm not sure why I get so excited every time I donate blood, but I do. Last time, I had a race against the person donating next to me. I totally pumped a pint out first! I don't want to donate if I'm still not feeling well though, so we'll see how it goes today.

-Sorry for the lack of pictures. %90 of my posts are written at work now, which means the pics will be few and far between. Oh wait! I have a flash drive with my wedding pics on it. Since I HATE the way blogger puts the pics, I'm not going to spend an hour trying to figure out how to make them all straight. How do you like that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crazy Happenings

So today at work, something CRAZY happened. It was around 11:00, and I was going about my normal business at the office-- making Fedex labels, answering the phone, etc. when all of a sudden the power went out. I wasn't totally shocked-- yesterday was pretty stormy, and today was expected to be the same. The emergency lights came on, and luckily the phone was still working, because I was on it. :) A few seconds later, (again, luckily, I had just hung up the phone) the phones went off and one of the guys that works upstairs ran out into the lobby. *Note: The reception desk is in the main lobby on the first floor, but it's open to the second floor. The guy that came out told us to turn and look at the telephone pole. We looked, and it was just like fireworks on the fourth of July! There were sparks and flames on one of the electric things (I'm very knowledgeable about this haha). It was crazy-- I'd never seen something like that before! I went and moved my car because I was parked right under the flaming... electric thing. We called the fire department from a cell phone and they came super-fast... but the flame had already gone out! It seems to always happen that way. Anyway, so then we called the power company and had them come see what was happening. At that point, Wal-Mart, Subway, McDonalds, Wendy's, and the gas station were out of power too. The traffic lights were down as well, so two cops came and were directing traffic. The power people came and then left, apparently to get more parts. They said the problem would be fixed in 1-2 hours. Everyone left to get some lunch (except me, of course-- the receptionist never gets to leave!) and then came back... problem still not fixed. Finally, around 12:30, they sent everyone home-- this time including me!!! So now, I'm home. It's 3:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, and I'm home. What are the odds??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To DO List vs. Ta-DAH! List

I have developed a new theory. Actually, let me back up. I first heard this theory during my days of unemployment. I was sitting on the couch, Craigslisting it up, watching some KSL show (daytime TV is no good unless you have young children) and this theory was introduced. Some lady was on the show to tell everyone how to make the impossible amount of tasks women have to do each day seem less inconquerable. She suggested instead of having "to-do" lists full of overwhelming tasks, make "ta-dah!" lists of the things you have done. I liked the idea, but thought it could use a little work. See, for people like me, not having to-do lists is like not having salsa with tortilla chips, or granola without yogurt. Pretty extreme, I know. :) But, trusting the "experts" (for all I know, she could have been the anchor's Relief Society teacher and they just liked her), I decided to give it a try. And so...


It wasn't a very productive 2 days, to put it lightly. Kind of entertaining, though-- I walked around for 2 days trying to think of stuff to do just so I could put it on my "ta-dah!" list. But then, I found that I was doing a lot of little things that maybe weren't so important. Hmm... how to fix this...?

Yesterday was my first day employing MY version of this theory. I am now a 2-list-per-day person. I made a to-do list, full of things I wanted to accomplish. I set out fully intending to do all of the things on that list. Of course, unexpected things happened-- as life always happens. So my list wasn't fully realized. That's why I made a ta-dah! list. This made it so not only were the things that I did from my to-do list recognized, but also the little bumps along the way were also mentioned, and therefore appreciated. Here were my lists from yesterday:

TO-DO Saturday:
-Clean bathroom
-Sweep and mop kitchen floor
-Vacuum whole apartment
-Wash sheets
-Finish hanging up decorative stuff
-Print wedding pictures
-Mail out thank you cards
-Mail packages to our fams
-Put dating memories in chronological order for scrapbooking
-Mail Tyler Honn's temple bag (long story haha)
-E-mail Gretchen some tennis pictures
-Make and e-mail a playlist for second reception
-Change oil in the car

TA-DAH! List for Saturday:
-Made big breakfast for Ty
-Did ALL dishes (actually, this happened twice)
-Swept and mopped kitchen floor
-Cleaned out stinky trash can
-Swept out stairs and patio
-Ironed placemats and tablecloth
-Did laundry-- 6 loads!!
-Cleaned bathroom (very well, I might add)
-Dusted/polished all wood in the apartment
-Cleaned bedroom
-Did a video tour of our apartment and put it on Youtube ( for our families to see our place
-Went through our dating memoirs for scrapbook brainstorming
-Watched "The Notebook"
-Finished ALL thank you cards!! FINALLY!
-Changed the oil in the car
-Made tacos for dinner

Not bad, eh? There were some things that didn't work out from my to-do list, but I feel like my ta-dah! list is even better. Hopefully this will eliminate feelings of not getting things done! Everyone should try it!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I found a job! Last Thursday, I was offered a temp job at a realty company. I accepted the job, and said I'd be in the next day. A few hours later, I got a call from the job I wanted most out of all the places I applied, offering me the job! I would start tomorrow. Uh... ooops! So I called the realty company, and apologized. I couldn't pass up something permanent for something temporary, even if it paid better. Oh well! So now I work at AMP Alarm as a receptionist. It's great! This is my first real week, and things are always better after time. It has taken a few days to feel like I somewhat know where things are, people's names, and what all my responsibilities are. But we are so grateful that I finally have a job! We finally have income! :)

Poor Tyler is totally inundated (I think that's how it is spelled...) with homework. He has gone to bed past 1:00 am for the past two nights! On the other end, I have been thoroughly, but guiltily (haha is that even a word?) enjoying my 8+ hours of sleep-- going to bed around 10:30 and waking up around 7:00. I should probably get up at 6 and exercise or something... nah. One thing that I do worry about is my lack of motivation to do wifely things. I get up in the morning, get ready for the day, make Tyler's breakfast and pack him a lunch, and then take him to school. Then I come home and finish getting ready, eat my breakfast, and go to work. Once I get off work at 6, sometimes I go to pick Ty up, and sometimes I go home and wait for him to call. Either way, my motivation to cook a yummy dinner or to clean is quickly disappearing. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is roll up my sleeves and play Betty Crocker. Instead, I want to put on my sweats and curl up in a ball on Tyler's lap and sleep. I'm understanding more and more why the Prophets have counseled mothers to stay at home with their children. I can't imagine doing kids AND a career! I felt so guilty last night as Tyler and I sat on the couch (not even at the table!!) eating our microwave-heated chimichungas that I felt like crying. Maybe I'll go get a cookbook on Crockpot meals or something....

Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I apologize for the poopy format of this post. I don't like the way blogger does the pictures. I can't figure out how to make them all straight and have the text underneath. So don't let that ruin your reading of this post. :) Also, the pictures below are not all of the pictures we took. There was some kind of Google error and the first 3 pictures I wanted to put up wouldn't work. So you'll just have to rely on my description. We left Provo on Sunday morning and left to drive to Las Vegas. On the way, however, we decided we'd participate in a Sunday-appropriate activity and stop at Cove Fort! We are such nerds. :) It was a beautiful day and the missionaries were so excited to have someone, anybody, stop at the Fort. I believe it was where Pres. Hinckley's father grew up... or his grandfather... or somebody. Anyway, we stopped and walked around for a bit. The cute senior missionaries gave me a Prairie Diamond-- essentially a nail bent into a ring shape. I had lost the one I got from Nauvoo, so I'm glad to have another one now. :) It was so fun! We loved driving together, just talking non-stop and feeling so happy. We loved our honeymoon. For a short summary before the pics, we drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night, then drove to Los Angeles and got on our cruise ship, which took us to Catalina Island, CA and Ensanada, Mexico, and then back. We drove back from L.A. in one shot-- we were SO sick of driving at that point! Anyway, here comes the picture explosion. Warning: This pic explosion is minor compared to the explosion of wedding pictures that's ensuing! Can't wait!! Anyway, here goes:

An attempt at a good picture of us outside our hotel, the MGM Grand. Vegas was so... well... Vegas! There's no other word for it!

We rode this roller coaster!! It was amazing!!

Classic cruise picture-- the towels! They actually had a towel-folding demonstration. I'd like to fold towels for my children every day. :)

On the little boat between the cruise ship and the port. So happy!

Welcome to Catalina Island!

Random buffalo statues all over Catalina Island. Why? I don't know...

We loved Catalina Island! So beautiful!

These seagulls got SO close all the time. This picture doesn't depict how annoying they were. They'd just sit on the rail right by my shoulder and wait for me to turn my head so they could grab some grub. Too bad I LOVE my food-- especially my cruise food. They didn't get one scrap from me, no sir!

Formal night at dinner. We were a bit sunburnt from laying out at Catalina Island

Doesn't everyone have to have a kissing picture from the honeymoon? Classic.

Us at La Bufadora (much more cool-sounding than "The Blowhole" eh?!) This is the largest natural blowhole in the world, right there in Ensanada. It was amazing!

The Mexican sandals and bracelet that I got bartering with the people in Ensanada. I also got a fake Coach wallet, but that is not pictured here. :)

These were our waiters every night for dinner-- On the left is Ivan (pronounced ee von) and I Putu (pronounced ee pootoo). They were so much fun!

This was our dinner group-- two of these couples had gotten married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on the same day as us! Only two hours later! What are the odds?!? They were so fun and we loved getting to know them all.
Anyway, that's our honeymoon. I definitely recommend a cruise for a honeymoon. Or a trip where you really want to relax! It was so nice not to have to worry about meals, things to do, or even making your bed haha. We loved every minute of it, and didn't realize how much we'd miss it when real life hit! That's how it goes, I guess. Maybe we can go on another trip soon, honey? :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some pics... finally

Okay, these are not of the wedding or honeymoon. These are all afterward... but I still wanted to post them! In part so I could publish my haircut so my sisters can see. Enjoy!

In Boise for Tiffany and Tyler's wedding:

Random meal documentation:

And runnin' around Bridal Veil Falls:

We are so dang happy!!!! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So long, sweet summer

Isn't that a good song? When I woke up to take Tyler to school this morning, the air was so crisp, and I could feel fall coming on. There goes my shorts, flip flops, pony tails, sunblock, and pool time.

It was a good summer. I never quite found a stable job, but I stayed plenty busy between swimming lessons, babysitting, tennis camps, helping out at home, planning the wedding, and spending time with Tyler. I worked out a lot and loved the time I was able to spend with my family and Tyler's family.

Transition from summer to fall: WEDDING!, honeymoon, setting up house, finding a job, etc. In fact, today I went down to the DMV and got my new license with Juergens as my last name. How awesome is that? New haircut, new name, new official documents, new apartment... goodness-- I feel like a new woman! Hopefully the finding a job part will end soon. I have an interview today and another one tomorrow, so maybe something good will come!

Fall! Bring on the changing leaves, crisp air, autumn colors, sweaters, hiking, and football games. I was in Michael's the other day, and I saw the cutest fall decorations. I think I'm going to go back today and get something to put on our oh-so-bare front door. I swear-- I'm becoming more and more like my mom with every passing day. And I love it. :)

So farewell, summer. You've been good to me, but fall's coming, and I can't pass that up. Is it possible to become happier and happier every day? It must be... because I am.