Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I apologize for the poopy format of this post. I don't like the way blogger does the pictures. I can't figure out how to make them all straight and have the text underneath. So don't let that ruin your reading of this post. :) Also, the pictures below are not all of the pictures we took. There was some kind of Google error and the first 3 pictures I wanted to put up wouldn't work. So you'll just have to rely on my description. We left Provo on Sunday morning and left to drive to Las Vegas. On the way, however, we decided we'd participate in a Sunday-appropriate activity and stop at Cove Fort! We are such nerds. :) It was a beautiful day and the missionaries were so excited to have someone, anybody, stop at the Fort. I believe it was where Pres. Hinckley's father grew up... or his grandfather... or somebody. Anyway, we stopped and walked around for a bit. The cute senior missionaries gave me a Prairie Diamond-- essentially a nail bent into a ring shape. I had lost the one I got from Nauvoo, so I'm glad to have another one now. :) It was so fun! We loved driving together, just talking non-stop and feeling so happy. We loved our honeymoon. For a short summary before the pics, we drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night, then drove to Los Angeles and got on our cruise ship, which took us to Catalina Island, CA and Ensanada, Mexico, and then back. We drove back from L.A. in one shot-- we were SO sick of driving at that point! Anyway, here comes the picture explosion. Warning: This pic explosion is minor compared to the explosion of wedding pictures that's ensuing! Can't wait!! Anyway, here goes:

An attempt at a good picture of us outside our hotel, the MGM Grand. Vegas was so... well... Vegas! There's no other word for it!

We rode this roller coaster!! It was amazing!!

Classic cruise picture-- the towels! They actually had a towel-folding demonstration. I'd like to fold towels for my children every day. :)

On the little boat between the cruise ship and the port. So happy!

Welcome to Catalina Island!

Random buffalo statues all over Catalina Island. Why? I don't know...

We loved Catalina Island! So beautiful!

These seagulls got SO close all the time. This picture doesn't depict how annoying they were. They'd just sit on the rail right by my shoulder and wait for me to turn my head so they could grab some grub. Too bad I LOVE my food-- especially my cruise food. They didn't get one scrap from me, no sir!

Formal night at dinner. We were a bit sunburnt from laying out at Catalina Island

Doesn't everyone have to have a kissing picture from the honeymoon? Classic.

Us at La Bufadora (much more cool-sounding than "The Blowhole" eh?!) This is the largest natural blowhole in the world, right there in Ensanada. It was amazing!

The Mexican sandals and bracelet that I got bartering with the people in Ensanada. I also got a fake Coach wallet, but that is not pictured here. :)

These were our waiters every night for dinner-- On the left is Ivan (pronounced ee von) and I Putu (pronounced ee pootoo). They were so much fun!

This was our dinner group-- two of these couples had gotten married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on the same day as us! Only two hours later! What are the odds?!? They were so fun and we loved getting to know them all.
Anyway, that's our honeymoon. I definitely recommend a cruise for a honeymoon. Or a trip where you really want to relax! It was so nice not to have to worry about meals, things to do, or even making your bed haha. We loved every minute of it, and didn't realize how much we'd miss it when real life hit! That's how it goes, I guess. Maybe we can go on another trip soon, honey? :)


Cortney said...

Cute pictures! aren't cruises the best?!? we went on one for our honeymoon too and it was amazing!! anyways you look beautiful like always! congrats again :)

Elise said...

We went on an Alaskan cruise for our honeymoon and I agree they are so relaxing! And I love ordering whatever the heck you want off the menu and it is all included in the price :).

I want to go on another cruise now...

Kellie said...

Camille I love the pics. A cruise sounds so great! I'll have to remember that.... Love you Cam.