Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday already?

I feel like the weekends are all so short. Too short. I didn't get to do half of the stuff I wanted to! But I did do some pretty cool stuff...

Thursday night Tyler and I went to a party for his accounting group and another group from their section. The party was at the home of one of his professors, and we had a really good time. We had Subway sandwiches, ice cream sandwiches from Hogi Yogi (wow, they were good-- I didn't know Hogi Yogi did ice cream sandwiches!), and they had a karaoke party going. One of Tyler's group members... I swear he was born to be in a boy-band. It was hilarious to watch him get so into a Backstreet Boys song! Or was it N'Sync? Doesn't matter, it was hilarious. I also had the pleasure of beating Tyler at foosball. Ah, victory. Better luck next time, babe. We both got beat at chess by the professor's son though... how embarrassing. I was pretty confident about chess because that's all I remember learning in the 6th grade at Cherry Hill, but apparently there are smarter people out there. :)

Friday I got to go in to work late. Ah, the beauties of being an hourly worker and only being allowed 40 hrs/week! I had some overtime from not taking lunches during the week, so I spent the morning cleaning, running, and doing the things I'd neglected during the week. That made the 5 hours of work after that so short! It was really nice. I don't remember much about Friday night. I remember picking Tyler up from school late and having dinner at about 9, and then we went to bed right after that. Both of us were completely zonked out! The day-to-day is exhausting sometimes.

Saturday we slept in a bit. I learned how to make one of Tyler's favorite breakfast foods-- "Toad in the Road" and watched him devour it SO fast. It was incredible. We did some cleaning and then I took him to campus around 11:00-- after packing him a PB&J lunch, of course. :) My husband is still a kid at heart. I came home and folded some laundry while chatting with Kim. She came over to use my computer for a bit, so it was fun to see her. It's embarrassing how much I don't see the family that's around! She lives so close. At 1:00 I babysat Gunner, the son of one of my bosses. I loved playing at the park with this adorable kid. He said to me at one point, "Cami, do you have kids?" I told him no, and that I had just gotten married a month ago. He says, "Oh. Well, you should have kids. We're pretty great, you know." I almost died laughing! He was so cute and fun to play with. After taking him back to the office to his dad, I went home, changed, and went up to Salt Lake for the Relief Society Broadcast after dropping off the car to Tyler. I went to the broadcast with Kim, and we had a great time! Because we were a bit late, we got pretty bad seats, but it made for a quick getaway at the end, so that was nice. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting, and it made me want to be a better Relief Society member. I've never been very good at being a real integral part of R.S. but I'll do better. I got home from the broadcast around 8:30 to find two of Tyler's mission buddies there. I love meeting people from Ty's mission! It's so fun. After they left, we went to bed. Pooped!

Sunday was nice-- we drove up the canyon to look at the leaves. I read my scriptures and soaked up the sun while Tyler paced back and forth reading. He was probably smart-- I was getting bothered by so many bugs! We drove back just in time for church. We got a new bishopric and had a baby blessing-- pretty exciting! It was Fast Sunday for our ward, since we have Stake Conference the week after Gen Con. After church, we came home and made lasagna. The rest of the night was pretty chill-- I made cookies and watched "Emma Smith-- My Story" while Tyler did some reading. It was one of those nights where I lay in bed, unable to sleep because my mind was racing with things to do this week.

A co-worker told me today that some of the Oregon school districts are cutting the pay of some teachers, and telling them not to work every other Friday. I know that's a sign of really bad economy, but wouldn't that be so nice? I'd love a 3-day weekend every now and then. Oh well.

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