Thursday, October 8, 2009

A week and change later

Not really sure why I haven't blogged in so long. It just happens sometimes! But I've got quite a bit of spare time this morning, because Tyler took the car today, putting me at work 1.5 hours early. Since I already have overtime this week, I figured I would just not work until it's actually time. There is so much to do though-- I'm tempted to work off the clock. Last week was our big end-of-the-year banquet, where they handed out what are called back-end checks. It's exciting for those getting the checks, but not exciting for those printing the checks. Anyway, now my job is to mail out all the checks to the people who weren't at the party. No biggie-- there's only about 300. I have spent all week calling every person with a check to find out where they want it sent. Everyone is moving home from their summer offices, so their addresses are different than what we have in the system. Anyway, enough complaining. The rush will be over soon, hopefully.

In other news, I cut my hair! I did it yesterday, without telling Tyler. :) I went quite a bit shorter, stacked in the back, and, drumroll please... bangs. Full-on bangs. No turning back. Kim said that she was going to start calling me "Millie" again. :) It's a big change, but I think I like it. I went and cut it during my lunch break yesterday, so everyone freaked out when I came back to the office. It was really funny-- "Wait, did I miss that you got a haircut this morning? I'd feel so bad if I didn't notice it until now." Today it's a little funky. You know how it is after you get a new haircut, especially a new style. It takes a few days to figure out how to make it look like my hairstylist did. But I'm glad I got it cut now.

I. Love. Fall. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous, and I love how crisp the air is. We're getting to the point where we have to scrape ice off of the car every morning, but I don't mind. It's so nice to get out my boots and sweaters too!

We loved General Conference. My dad, Tim, Steph, and her kids were here in town, so we had a great time. Tyler and the boys went to SL for the Priesthood Session, so Kim, Steph (with her kids), and I went to Cafe Rio and did some shopping. Yay for girls' night out! I loved spending time with my sisters. If only all of them could have been with us! We went to the Sunday afternoon session with Kyla and DJ. DJ's dad works for the Church, so we went and had lunch at the employee's cafeteria beforehand. Wow-- best food ever. We went last conference too, and I am convinced that the Church has the best food around. It was amazing. We sat on the fifth row on the floor for the session too, which was so cool. We could have thrown a piece of candy to Pres. Monson easily. But we didn't. :)

The one downer of Conference was that I was sick! Tyler had been sick a few days before, and I guess I caught it. Friday night after work my throat was hurting, and then we made the mistake of going to the BYU football game (mistake in more ways than one-- they weren't so good that night). Saturday morning I woke up feeling like my throat was going to close off it was swollen so badly. Ty was so sweet to me and made me breakfast and went to the store to get me some medicine. He even did a load of laundry! He takes such good care of me.

Speaking of my sweet husband, he is amazing. He is being such a rockstar in the accounting program at BYU! I'm so proud of him. His first round of tests was last week, so that was a busy one. Not that this week and every other week isn't for him... poor guy. I wouldn't be able to stand it, but Tyler loves what he's learning and is so cheerful and helpful all the time. Amazing.

Exciting things coming up: trip to Park City (hopefully Saturday). I'm so looking forward to that! I've been craving a good shop. :) Also, our Open House in Houston is next weekend. We're so excited to see our families. And, let's be honest, celebrate us. Again.

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Michelle said...

you need to post pictures of your cute hair! i'm sure you look gorgeous as always :)