Monday, October 19, 2009

Our whirlwind of a weekend

We went down to Houston this past weekend for our Open House and it was a blast! We flew down Friday afternoon and were on the same flight with Aunt Sheila and cousin Adam. I was determined to read Animal Farm (after many unsuccessful tries-- it just never captured my interest) so I read the whole plane ride, and Tyler did homework. Wow, aren't we exciting? Gretchen picked us up from the airport and we went straight to the Lobos football game! It was so fun to see Garrett and Mitchell play. They had an awesome game, and one touchdown each. My family came to the game as well, so it was just a big party! We had a great time. After the game we were all hungry, so we went to Willie's and had burgers. Oh YUM. We all stayed up late talking and watching "Glee" and planning Saturday. We love being with family!

Saturday was such a fun day. Tyler did some homework while I set up his new iTouch... those things are so dang cool! Tyler continued to do homework while I went with Gretchen, Aunt Sheila, and Grammy to watch Heidi teach a dance lesson at the YMCA. It was so fun to watch her teach! Such talented people... if only I had moves like that! :) We came home, ate lunch, and finished getting everything ready for the party. I finally showered and got ready, and we all went over there a little before 6. We had so much fun taking pictures and looking at everything that had been set up! There was a typewriter to write notes to us, a photo booth for people to take pictures in, napkins that said "Love, set, match" (tennis was a running theme of the decor), and the cultural hall looked beautiful! I'd never seen a church reception so beautiful. Pretty soon people started trickling in, and then it was packed! We didn't do a line, which was fun. People just came and mingled and it was great! The food was apparently amazing (we were talking to people and I didn't get more than one cookie and some lemonade) and tons of people took pictures in the photo booth. We were all exhausted by the end though! We loaded up the gifts in the back of the car and drove home after a long night of partying and cleaning up. My feet were definitely not happy with me that night! :) We all stayed up and opened presents til about 1:30 am (thanks to everyone for helping us sort through all that!) and had Blue Bell ice cream. It was tough sorting through everything, deciding what to return and re-buy, what to take up with us, and what to store at the Juergens' house until we are done with school, etc. We flew, so we had a very limited amount of space. It was such a fun night though! We loved seeing old friends and meeting new ones from both of our wards.

Sunday we rolled out just in time for 9:00 Sacrament meeting. Garrett and Mitchell sang in a Nana-led youth choir and did a great job! We loved watching Garrett be the chorister for the day too. After the meetings we came home and had Cafe Rio-style pork for lunch. It was delicious! I've got to make that again soon-- best stuff ever. After eating we ran over to my family's house for a couple of hours and spent the whole time laughing. Seriously, when did my family get so comical? They've all become nuts since only having 3 kids at home. I finally got back my cowgirl boots (thanks to Laura for hiding them from me) and we took some snacks for the plane. Unfortunately, we had to turn around once we got on the highway to retrieve my phone, which I left at the house. How much dumber can I get, seriously? Luckily Laura was nice enough to meet me at the exit and bring it to me. We made it back to the Juergens' a little later than planned, but we still made the plane on time! I finished Animal Farm (*Note: not a great book. I mean, it's a funny book, but it's the "makes me snort because it's ridiculous"-type book. I read it just to say I read it, but probably won't ever again) and Tyler did homework again. This time, Heidi was on our flight, so after I'd finished the book, she showed me some of her new favorite songs. I definitely need to expand my music horizons! It was fun. We saw Ryan and Cari on the shuttle on the way to the parking lot too! They were on their way back from New York, and we chatted with them about their trip and ours. It's funny all the places you find family, isn't it? We met a friend on the plane and gave him a ride home, and had so much fun playing Ink Pink and Name that Movie.

I hate coming home from fun trips! I get in this mentality that wherever I went wasn't just a trip, it's permanent, and then unpacking is heart-breaking for me. We loved seeing our families and friends, but we're so glad to be back as well. Our little apartment truly feels like home now, and we're hoping to catch up on some missed sleep. :) Oh, and do laundry, and start on this new round of thank-you cards-- almost the bane of my existence. Thank you, reality.


Stephanie said...

Oh, thank you cards. I HATED doing those. It hung over me head. After a year, I decided people probably forgot they hadn't gotten one anyway, and there were a few people I never thanked. How annoying.

Ben and Charlotte said...

Oh how fun to have a reception after. Those were really cute ideas, photo booth and tennis theme. You two are so cute together. Isn't marriage great?